Foods that taste the wrong colour

e.g. Brown Sauce should be a reddy green

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Black pudding tastes red

raspberry tastes better when blue.


Good thread


tomatos taste yellow

I ate some yellow raspberries once. They were good

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Green beans taste white.

mushrooms should be browner
except for the already brown ones, they’re doing great


I don’t know what colour radishes taste like but it’s not radish coloured

reckon cheese should be a bit browner too really, it’s not far off but it’s got a bit of the old brownness

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yeah it’s way too yellow

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What about blue cheese?

never had any but I really can’t imagine it tastes blue

And sometimes they even are yellow!

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explains a lot! can you eat them when they are like this?

Would you say radishes are red or white?

It kinda does taste blue.

Yeah, just some varieties are that colour.

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Some herbs like rosemary and thyme taste a bit purple.


here’s my taste guide:

brown - earthy, savoury
red - sweet but tangy
green - sharp and fresh
yellow - sharpest
blue - sweet and fruity
black - bitter but smooth
white - weak and watery
orange - orange
purple - cloying and sickly

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