Foods that you have never tried

but that you want to. Watched a film about dorayaki the other day and now really want one. It’s pancakes filled with bean paste??



mate you were about a mile away from there the other day!

Would need to be in the comfort of my own home with all that cheese on it. I think gassing your opponents is frowned upon as poor sportsmanship.

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Never had a Pot Noodle.

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I have never had a ramen.

oh my word!



Call me uncultured but I finally had ramen the other day and it didn’t disappoint

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They sell them at the Japan Centre.

They’re alright, nothing too exciting.


never eaten a good piece of fish outside of cornish fish and chips.

I went on a date at the weekend with someone who had never once drunk tea or coffee in their life. Really can’t fathom how that’s possible.


are they sweet? sorta imagine the bean paste being v savoury

Yeah I’m not a huge fan of your noodle-y broth things. Like your pho’s and whatnot. A good ramen looks like a fine thing, but I’ve not actively sought one out.

However if we’re talking bibimbap I will monster those all day long.

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Can sort of see that. Outside of a taste of tea as a child I’ve never drunk it, and I probably didn’t try coffee until I was about 16, and wasn’t a regular drinker for a decade after that.



Had some udon the other week at the new Koya outpost by Cannon St. It was really fucking boring. I know I’m meant to appreciate the depth of flavour in the stock, but it was basically just plain noodles in salty water with a bit of grey pork mince.

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find this really annoying for some reason

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Never tried oysters because the thought knocks me sick and nobody’s ever ordered them or even spoke about them aloud in public without coming across as a huge, huge douche.


Just seems like it would be too many No Thankses. Like after the two hundredth time someone asked if you’d like a tea or coffee you’d be like “Fuck it, go on then”. Guess it’s pretty admirable in a way.