Foods you eat in unconventional ways

Ever since breaking free of the kitkat tryannt of one stick at a time, I just eat it willy-nilly like all foods should be eaten.

Lloyd used to eat each individual part of a mars bar rather than just eating it whole, that used to wind me up so much.

I tried that thing where you peel a banana from the bottom, was not much easier or harder than the other end to be honest.

How fast an eater are you?

  • Don’t chew, just deep throat food.
  • First one to finish and people regularly comment on it.
  • Too fast, but I can’t help myself.
  • A little faster than average.
  • A little slower than most.
  • By the time I finish the meal (if I finish at all) the food is stone cold.
  • I am still finishing the first meal I ever had in my life

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I don’t think I’m necessarily a fast eater, it’s more that in a communal lunch setting other people are using their mouth to talk and I’m not.


I’m normally the last to finish a meal which can be quite annoying- especially in buffet situations as you feel quite greedy going up for a second plate when everyone’s finished theirs


I am generally a fast eater, but I’m also very good at making treats last aaaaages, so whilst my wife and son have finished all theirs minutes before, I’m still nibbling tiny bits off a chocolate bar to infuriate them.

I’m a great dad/husband.

I’m too busy talking!

Plus some people just shovel it in at a disgusting rate.

I’ve definitely mentioned this before but my GF can happily eat one half of a kinder bueno and leave the other half for days.

Fucking bonkers.



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Found out the other day that she puts two spaces after a full stop.

I’m so sorry man. There’s a bed for you here for as long as you need it.


Never been able to do big shops because I just eat everything

She always puts the big light on in the lounge!

Let it all out man

I quite like to cut a Mars bar up into chunks, rather than eating it in the traditional manner.

I’m fine with that, you’re still respecting the congruence of flavour.

Mine always puts the lights on full whack (they’re all on dimmers) and every time I give it


And yet she still does it! Every time!

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She watches a lot of NCIS.

A lot.

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Bones here. Fucking Bones.

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Used to eat Cheesestrings like a banana, no pissing about with all the peeling and wackiness. Wound my brother up no end.