Foods you used to really dislike, but have come around to



I’m currently eating olives. Just olives on their own as a snack. Even two-three years ago this would have been unthinkable (I was one of many children to suffer a very traumatising confusion of grapes and olives at one point).


But whiterussian, olives are revolting!


Some fish, I suppose. Monkfish, the various bland white fishes, etc.


Also Huel.


Was pretty much the only 3 year old who loved olives. Used to not like smelly seafood and smelly cheese until I stopped being a massive baby and grew a palate


welcome to the club


Used to hate cucumbers but now I love them, will just eat cucumber slices with lemon squeezed on top for a snack


Olives: you’re not alone


Stilton and blue cheese in general. I think ones palate becomes less sensitive as one gets older so stronger flavours appeal more.

Apart from olives @whiterussian: olives are rank


think someone did this joke the other day


I was really picky when I was little, like I didn’t even like the idea of pizza because it had tomatoes on it. Now I will pretty much eat anything.




i don’t mind them on their own/in a salad but they ruin a lot of things they’re in, especially sandwiches


Despite eric’s complaints, I thoroughly enjoyed this top posting.


Probably @marckee


I’m still a big baby when it comes to cheeses. Don’t want to eat anything mouldy, mate.





pretty much everything that’s not pizza, chips or breakfast foods


Wouldn’t have passed my quality control, I’m afraid.