Foods you were a late adopter of

• tomatoes - only got into them at about age 22/23. Have them with everything now, obviously.

• mushrooms - in the last 6 months (I’m 32 next week!). I’ve gone from detesting them to having them for basically every meal.

• Olives - a classic this one, isn’t it? I hated them ever since my dad got me to try one by telling me it was a grape as a child and being fucking outraged. Made myself like them in my late teens by trying one every couple of weeks. Adored now of course.

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This thread inspired by @sadpunk and his brillo joke over in the Protomartyr thread


This makes me very sad


Late adopter to? Late adopter of?

  • Of
  • To
  • About

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ooo excellent I love sadpunk jokes! brb


fucking classic dadding there.


hummus. probably only started eating it seriously about 2014.


My dad made me try everything. I remember being quite young and him making me try oysters in front of a lot of people at a dinner party as some form of entertainment

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genius move tbh. if you like the oysters, you look like a posh grown up. if you don’t, well, its still funny.

Oh loads. There are the foods that I’d never eaten until I went to university (eg curry, chinese, mexican food, thai food etc), but then also the foods that my girlfriend has introduced me to over the past couple of years, especially fruit and vegetables, eg mangoes and pomelo.

Because tastes change and you might like it now.

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Absolute prick

hot squash

Same for me with mushrooms. Always thought they were icky and had literally never made them for myself until the other day after watching Phantom Thread and now I’ve had them 5 times in a week.

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What a weird film to inspire you to eat them!

garlic mushrooms. people.




Kiss me before I vom.

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