Foodstuffs synonymous with certain shops

Decathlon - Ritter Sport
Ikea - meatballs
Primark - Pez

co-op - square pizza

Tiger - stroopwafels

M&S - Percy Pigs


I’m not convinced there’s a huge amount of mileage in this.

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Also M&S: Colin the caterpillar

IKEA - Daim bars

Oh I completely agree, probably should’ve made the OP more legible.

Prawn Sandwiches - Old Trafford



Stolen Pick n’ mix - Woolworths


Chips - chip shop. That sort of thing?

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I always associate the classic prawn and mayo sandwich with M&S

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What about food shops?

Pies - Morrisons
Yum Yums - Greggs


Red Saveloy - Fish & Chip shop

also those tubs of flapjacks / mini mini rolls / mini rice crispy cakes for M &S

Basically M&S for everything

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Sports Direct

  • Lonsdale gear
  • Slazenger gear
  • Sports Direct mugs (not edible, but still synonymous)

I just associate sandwiches with M&S as I think they were the first high st shop to sell ready made sandwiches

WHSmiths - big bars of dairy milk/multipack of chewy sweets at the till

Free coffee - Waitrose