Foodstuffs, the throwing of

In tribute to today’s fun news, a thread about throwing food at people.

Have you ever thrown food at anyone? Have you ever had food thrown at you?

On my last day at my first senior school several of the kids pelted me with eggs outside the school gates. I was very popular. It made a mess, but it didn’t hurt.

I reckon at least one of you must have had a drink thrown in their face. Am I wrong?

Once at halloween some bigger boys threw a HARD-BOILED egg at me, it really hurt and I cried

You have my sympathies. Clearly you weren’t quite as popular as I was.

did you have time to catch it?

An ex threw a glass of orange juice on me in the middle of an argument.

There we go!

Proper full on in the face, too.

We didn’t last much longer after that.

I posted about this very recently, but I had a piece of brocolli thrown at me a few weeks ago

there was no one around, and I stood around baffled for awhile afterwards


Squash or actual orange juice?

My dad was bored once when I was about 8 and cracked an egg on my head


If juice, with bits or smooth?

This is the kind of parent I imagine I’d be


Walked onto the dancefloor in Snobs, someone thew a full pint at me. Never been to Birmingham before. Still confused by it.

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Just realised this thread wasn’t automatically tagged with eggs for some bizarre reason.

Yeah same, unsurprisingly

That happens to everyone the first time they go to Birmingham



Proper OJ

My dad poured bird food on the top of my bucket hat in Trafalgar Square when I was about 7.
Hundreds of pigeons attacking my head. He thought it was hilarious.


A real life lol. I am so sorry that’s Quite Funny

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