Foodstuffs, the throwing of

Proper OJ

My dad poured bird food on the top of my bucket hat in Trafalgar Square when I was about 7.
Hundreds of pigeons attacking my head. He thought it was hilarious.


A real life lol. I am so sorry that’s Quite Funny

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Proper stings in the eyes that. Unless you were defending the murderer of Nicole Brown and they said “if you love OJ so much, have that” when they threw it at you they were out of order

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My first thought on reading was “urgh that sounds STICKY”

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Been called a p*ki and had a pint thrown at me (glass and all) few time whilst working on bars, once cos I cut the (very drink) idiot off, once cos dunno. Security got to idiots pretty quick and erm ‘sorted’ the situation out on both occasions.

(Prob a bit serious soz)

It is serious, so we won’t make light of it. But it counts.

Got an egg to the face on egg and flour day at college.

Got in a row with a meatball subway and ended up with meatball sauce all over me

You are the worst TN! They’re rats!

Annoyed me when I worked on pedalo swans because people would tell their children to ‘feed the ducks’

Those ducks were in fact seagulls

Threw a chocolate mousse over Shane in year 10, a sandwich bag filled with water at Anthony and an orange at Ricky. Dunno why, they never did anything to me really, but I was just an absolute prick at school if it would make someone else laugh.

Everyone used to go out egging on Halloween so I’ve thrown my fair share at other kids on halloween/been hit a few times.

Had a yogurt thrown at me when I was at secondary school. Was walking between 2 blocks, along the link path, and somebody a few years up launched an (open) yogurt into the air. Landed on my shoulder and splattered everywhere.

Also had loads of stuff thrown at me by angry customers at work


I’m starting to get the uneasy feeling that throwing food at people isn’t necessarily a fun thing.

Someone threw a steak at me the other day. I thought “that’s rare”


On my way to a fancy dress party as Catwoman with Ozzy Osbourne, a duck and a chicken and we were all milkshaked by a passing car

You were well done there mate.


What was Ozzy’s fancy dress costume?

He was going as my mate Reece

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It’s fine, gotta have a sense of humour about this things.

Once had a guy try and swing a full bag of shopping at me for the facts that his card was declined or something. Just looked at him, shook my head and security sent him on his way.

Somebody else has lobbed a turkey at me at Christmas, and for some reason, a kid once shook up a bottle of coke and opened it all over me :man_shrugging:. Enjoyed that one in hindsight

Several drinks thrown at me whilst working in/running pubs. Some still in the glass, some not. One was a full glass of red wine by some hammered fuckpiece who I was refusing service to, I calmly took off my top and carried on serving people, shirtless, while the bouncer ejected him.


Retail workers revenge

Threw an open packet of ketchup at a customer being a cunt when I worked at McDonald’s.
Worth the disciplinary action