Fookin Monday

Let’s be having ya. I’ll punch ya beard off.

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Alright. First properly early start in a while. Do obvs got 1½hrs sleep. An hour in so far, am I going to last until 2? Got a move to do that’s the shop equivalent of that children’s game of moving the tiles to make a pattern. Probably too early to use my brain properly

Morning all. Did anyone round sw london hear a helicopter around 1am? It was extremely loud, it infiltrated my dreams before it woke up and my half awake brain was racing through reasons for this noise and ww3 and the rapture were some of them :sweat_smile: it was scarily loud

Morning. Massive levels of don’t wanna. Almost rang in sick but that requires more work than actually going into work.

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With R off because his class is isolating (even though he wasn’t actually exposed directly - he didn’t join that class until after the kid who tested positive was already off school) I am finding it very difficult to get motivated to get out of bed, even though I actually have lots to do this which is time sensitive and staying in bed will cause extra stress.

Not looking forward to a week of home learning.

D&D tonight though :+1:

I’ve got the ChuckleVision theme song stuck in my head


So it turns out a freelancer in work last week has tested positive for Covid and work has closed the office down. A bunch of us are going to be tested this evening, so that should be interesting.

I work in a room on my own so I’m not that worried.
But fingers crossed anyway.

We’re self isolating (hopefully just until we get Mrs W’s test back).

I’ve presumed that this means that I can’t walk the dogs - so I’ve started the day running laps of the garden with them.

Could you set up a donation page so people know how patriotic and brave and patriotic and inspirational your dogs are?


I’ve already started a mural


Morning tilts and etc!

Coffee in bed right now. About to open my calendar present for today :eyes:

Busy week ahead with both the bookshop and freelance, and then xmas stuff on top of it. Whew!

Weather report: still in thelow reds and rainy :unamused:

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Couple behind me on the bus coughing into the air, no masks on, saying what’s the point in masks.

Great :+1:

This is my daily conspiracy theorists on buses post.


I don’t think I will ever not be amused by R’s way of opening bananas, which is to snap them in half as if it were an amazing feat of strength.


A happy 40th birthday to Michael Owen.

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Think I’ve had about 4 hours sleep, I’m absolutely fucked

Morning all.

Went into the office on Friday. Took my mouse with me to minimise touching stuff that wasn’t mine. Left it there. Now having to use touchpad til I get chance to pop out to a shop. :roll_eyes:

Last week before a fortnight off though.

Christmas 2021’s top selling photo book.


I can’t wait to go back to bed :yawning_face:


Struggling to get up.

No meetings, so some tunes and maybe a big lunchtime walk. Gonna try do all the necessary pre-xmas admin.

I wanted to get up early and do a morning exercise but it rained so I spent all night in a panic as i could hear some dripping, this time in a different room to the three over roof leaks we’ve had and it’s in the ceiling still so NOT A VIBE