Football 08/05/2017 - 12/-5/2017


Title race is over
Relegation race as good as over tonight
Top four done
All the non-playoff business wrapped up

Literally nothing to talk about is there really.


I saw Hibs draw with St Mirren: champions and last-day staving off of relegation respectively. In glorious sunshine. Rare that you have both sets of fans celebrating at the final whistle, innit? Shame it was Scottish football


Did you sing Sunshine on Leith?


Nope: but I did sing along to I’m on my way. Love a bit of Proclaimers.


(actually, tbf, hibs played some good stuff at times)


Championship season’s over. Bored already.


I’m not overly pessimistic about next year, for once.


I thought I’d do one of those predictor things:


Got to look at whoever loses in Palace/Hull to get the drop now. Should be an absolute belter.


What’s the green shading for?



Needy fans


transfer rumours, maybe? @aboynamedgoo??

oh! there’s some Eurofooty this week. that’s okay, I guess.

didn’t even watch the game yesterday because I had somewhere else to be. did we try to win? I’m assuming we tried a bit, but Rooney was like a football hole where attacks went to die.


I watched it in the pub. My expert analysis is that Man United didn’t do very much.


Not in the Eredivisie, where almost champions Feyenoord implode against Excelsior and lose unexpectedly 3 - 0. Victory parade cancelled and riots in Rotterdam city centre ensue.

Everything will come down to the final day now, with Feyenoord having a 1 point lead over Ajax and a superior goal difference, so they are still the favourites. But do they have the nerves?

The permutations in full:
Feyenoord win, Ajax win: Feyenoord champions
Feyenoord win, Ajax draw: Feyenoord champions
Feyenoord win, Ajax lose: Feyenoord champions
Feyenoord draw, Ajax win: Ajax champions
Feyenoord draw, Ajax draw: Feyenoord champions
Feyenoord draw, Ajax lose: Feyenoord champions
Feyenoord lose, Ajax win: Ajax champions
Feyenoord lose, Ajax draw: Feyenoord champions
Feyenoord lose, Ajax lose: Feyenoord champions

All games are taking place on Sunday, kick-off at 12:30 PM UK time. Not on Sky Sport it seems, so best to tune in to NOS Langs De Lijn on the old wireless …


Who are the respective opponents?


Let’s wait until the season’s over, shall we? It’s gonna be a long summer.



we still have to play Spurs and all. who might still harbour some vain hopes of getting something out of this season. [cowers]


oh, the wasted summers of non-WC/EC years…



Feyenoord are at home against Heracles (9th), Ajax are away at Willem II (12th).