Football 15/05 - 21/05

Monaco to be crowned champions, Fulham to cruise through to the playoff final, Arsenal to qualify for the champions league.

Which of the Manchester Calamaris will Donnarumma sign for this summer?

  • Big Red Devils
  • The Blue Moons of Manchester

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I don’t want to rub anything in and am gutted for Hull, but really very happy Swansea have stayed up. Really vital for the surrounding area that they have that extra tourism and lets be honest lads they compete fantastically considering how bare bones their budget is.


what do you reckon happened to that ballboy that Hazard beat up?


Aye, I had money on them to go down from the start of the season but they’re a GBOL, it was a shame that the wheels looked to have come off as they’re the poster boys for doing a “project” the right way IMO

Smackhead now

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I believe he’s the son of some big wig in jack city so he’ll probably spend his days being annoying in a skybox somewhere

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Where he laid down in that picture there are now only flowers. :cry:


Formed a pop duo with the boy that Ashley Cole shot.


Aitor Karanka as new Wolves boss, say the rumours.

Also we’ve announced a glamour Pre-season game against Leicester. I remember when we used to have decent Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc teams for those games, not mid-table Premier League chaff…


I am very worried about the game at the mad stad tomorrow. Reading are proper cloggers and we don’t like it up us. Stam is going to mourinho his way into the premiership then they’ll basically be another Burnley for a year or two. Grim

Yeah really expected you to win at home, but if you properly turn up reckon you could put 3 past them easily. Very hard to call.

Was looking at the final table for the first prem season the other day, was interesting to look at it and see which tier those teams will be in next season. Of the top 7 only 2 of them will be in the prem next season (united finishing 1st, liverpool in 6th)

also, 8 hat-tricks in just under a month from 10th April to 8th May, with Les Ferdinand getting two in three days, that would’ve a hell of a run for a fantasy captain haha

can’t believe I want Fulham to win.


It’ll be good for the neutrals (in the stands)



Hopefully they’ll come out a bit more in the second leg, and hopefully Coldplay won’t be playing for us, the useless fat cunt

The general standard of refereeing in the build-up to the Reading goal on Saturday was fucking appalling, and all

Wenger’s made a signing already then. One or two more players in the right positions and next year could be their year.