Football: GW10 in the PL fest El Sackico and a Bruce-shaped hole

Yes, it’s that time again, football. No Friday fixtures at least. Quick, do your fantasy teams!

Can Vardy score against Arsenal? He always scores against Arsenal

  • Jamie Vardy’s having a party
  • Jamie Vardy’s had by Partey
  • Draw

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  • Clarets
  • Bees
  • Draw

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A monster xG clash:

  • Liverbirds
  • Gulls
  • Draw

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  • Pep
  • Vieira
  • Draw

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Stick the house on Chelsea btw

  • Chelsea
  • Toon
  • Draw

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  • Hornets/Mooses
  • Saints
  • Draw

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  • Ole at the wheel
  • Grease me up Nuno
  • Draw

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Both sides set to come on to the Benny Hill theme in the Bumted/Spurs game, I have heard.


Reckon all home wins today you know

Who told you that hot intel?

I mistakenly put Chelsea at home, they’re actually away

you had one job Tuna

fuck off

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sorry, tiger got out the cage

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Lads, it’s Manchester United

Taking the boys - who are in fact, back in town - to the Hamlet today and it’s gonna be emotional!

We’re gonna go 532 and it’s gonna be a disaster

Yeah don’t take notes from Norwich lads it doesn’t end well :upside_down_face:

Who had 12 posts?

Absolutely despise the idea of Gameweek in the Premiership and Matchday in the Gazprom,

United are absolutely winning by a couple of goals in a turgid game today, then getting at least a draw in the Derby.

It’s basically Ole’s pattern now. Irreparably damage the season in low key disappointments then paper over the cracks by nicking results in the games against better sides.

Last week was an abberation, but it’s not gotten him sacked, so there’s no change coming.

It’s known as Treattime in the Conference League


To prove how unsuited the squad is for Conte? Clever Ole.

Might tune in if that means Bailly starts.

432 after 8 minutes

pellegrini’s ripped isn’t he

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