Football - GW9 - The Car's On Fire And Ole's at the Wheel

Yeah but probably doesn’t really belong in this thread, as it isn’t specifically about football as such, its a much broader observation.

Found this thread pretty interesting for those who like to read about FFP, ownership and sponsorship deals between the squids and where Newcastle may or may not fit in

I’d be interest to hear it in the context of football/this thread. The beautiful game is a mirror of and opinion builder in society after all

This theead is gonna be shut in a matter of hours so … maybe it warrants its own thread

Well with Ole and Southgate, they both have obvious qualities and have been instrumental in enacting transformational change in their respective organisations. But they are also clearly extremely limited in other key areas.

The way we fetishize hierarchical power structures heaps all this responsibility on a single person - the buck stops with me sort of bullshit. Any attempt to admit weaknesses let alone seek extra help addressing them is cast in a negative light, as a failing of leadership rather than a strength. If you give Ole specific job in fostering a healthy club culture and bring someone else in to work alongside him in a tactical capacity, the players (and the wider football community) will instantly ridicule at least one of those roles, as they can’t understand this sort of decentralising of power / authority.


Still got the midweek fixtures, it’ll be open a while

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The Ted Lasso manoeuvre

That’s what happens. He doesn’t take training.

Of course there are all sorts of people doing different things at the club - but there is a clear hierarchy. So whoever is taking the training (I don’t know the details of this) is seen as inferior to Ole (and I guess is paid a lot less too).



Good post

Yes the manager gets paid most because they’re the face but the job of the majority of backroom staff is linked to the manager. Nearly everyone brings their own backroom teams in now. You’re hiring the full package.
Even someone as bang average as nuno held out against various clubs because his backroom was too expensive and he wouldn’t work without them

The problem is… Nor does anyone else.

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And Chelsea are in haul-trick heaven, it’s Chelsea 7-0 Norwich!


yarr, not a heavy, embarrassing home defeat for United…

darr, they’ll be formation chatting for days.


We could talk about how Chelsea are gonna win the PL if you like

But that would be boring

I thought the Brentford result was actually more telling than the Norwich one. They got absolutely battered in the 2nd half by Brentford, yet still hung on to get the 3 points. Very concerning tbh. Think Liverpool are going to suffer when AFCON comes around, plus seem to be picking up a lot of injuries again, and City are always at risk of Pep displays of managerial genius in big games.

They’re can’t have been a more sliding doors moment in modern football than woodward meeting with klopp and telling him that United was more like disneyworld than a football club and putting him off coming


City have looked on it in the big games so far - unlucky/undone by individual brilliance in the PSG game. It’s in the bread and butter games they’ve looked chronically unarsed. Think those are the ones where it might be won and lost this season, particularly in light of Chelsea just grinding every game out 2-0.

Greenwood-Princess Di-Martinelli


It’s just very telling to see a squad like Chelsea’s (which is a ridiculous wealth of talent) in the hands of a manager who really knows what they’re doing