⚽ Football in June: John Barnes in a Morrisons ⚽

seems only fair that the teams should all play each other twice, once at home and then once away from that venue

Could’ve given Utd a Saturday game seen as they’ll be on the Thursday/Sunday run for a lot of the season


One of my least favourite annual traditions


The announcement, or all of the dads in your menchies responding in this manner?

The Dads

“Oh surprise, surprise. Everyone will play each other twice!”

The timing of fixtures and the ebbs and flows of momentum are factors in how a team performs in a season. Speculating on them ahead of time is no more ridiculous than speculating on anything else.

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You can see the fixtures now but form, momentum, injuries are all unknown variables. Each has a part to play with the other.

Talking about the fixtures, that will inevitably change ten times, is bollocks.

Talking about literally anything that hasn’t happened yet is bollocks. It’s fine to do it though.


So, the fixture list is “unfair”. Count how many times you hear that said today, truth is they simply all play each other “twice”


Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle as Liverpool’s last three games :scream:

3 shite teams

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harsh on Newcastle


You’d think Mourinho would throw his old mate Jurgen a bone on the last day, though.

oh lord we’re away to West Ham same as New Japan is at copper box I am going to be a mess

bloody love a volley from a corner

Bilic in at West Brom…

Love the bloke and hope he does well. Got us playing the best football I’ve ever seen, shame he was messed about so much by the owners.

so tired I’m watching the Hazard unveiling at the Bernabéu

gonna feel properly old if/when Ethan Hazard turns pro given that Eden is roughly the same age as me

Signed a Brazilian called Wesley

looks like antibants is back on the menu boys!

Nice to see that they’ve followed the NFL’s idea of having the reigning champions play the first game of the new season