⚽ Football in June: John Barnes in a Morrisons ⚽

I saw the headline on this and thought ‘ooo… that looks like it’ll be a good Long Read’ but then it’s just an article of nothing. If anyone has any better pieces on the subject, please post them!

Laters. :wave:t2:

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Nah let’s pay him 700k a week to keep him and watch him Sanchez

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The next Copa’s in, er, both Argentina and Colombia, which is a bit like Euro 2020 co-hosted by Scotland and Newfoundland

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No to rinds of pork?

Everything you’ve ever saved
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It’s a Zlin

If I ever post on this thread again, you have every permission to shoot me

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Probably closer than Dublin and Baku?.

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Ha yeah, good point.

Fucking Baku. It doesn’t exist.

Oh God it’s got a quarter final, too, so someone is going to have to play in Budapest/Amsterdam, Baku and London in 11 days, then possibly a final 4 days later.

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Pogba right now



I’ll be sad to see him leave the league. Always a fan of players having a bit of fun on the pitch, particularly when it riles up all the right people. He’s probably United’s second best player, they really are up shit creek.

the thing is if he went to Real or Juve I’m sure he’d be very good

I don’t think he’ll ever turn it ‘on’ for Man U so they basically need to cut their losses

Let’s see what the summer brings, but I reckon we’re utterly fucked in the short term. Could really see a scenario that ends in an 8th place finish. The depths of our Liverpool years.

Would look horrendously weak in midfield without massive investment having lost Pogba, Herrera and Fellaini and with Matic clearly finished (not to mention Mata’s future still uncertain). Can’t see any resolution for the Sanchez issue. Defence needs a complete overhaul. And I can’t see us buying 6 or 7 quality players this summer with or without Pogba money.

Just hoping the long term effect is that the board won’t have anywhere to hide in terms of restructuring the club and getting Woodward out of any kind of footballing role.

Christ! The ref in the Uruguay match is massive! Absolute beefcake.

I know you all love it when I chip in a WTF to these threads.

Just saw a clip of Phil Neville as England women’s manager and thought he was Gareth Southgate and briefly was impressed they got the same manager for the men’s and women’s teams. Anyway, with their ridiculous wasitcoat middle-manager-trying-to-seem-a-cut-above-the-lads-in-the-warehouse outfit look I’m sure you’ll agree it was an easy mistake for me to make.


Qatar: eh?



Ladies and gentlemen: Chuka Umunna with the hair and eyebrows of Neil Warnock (t/w, deeply unsettling content)