⚽ Football in June: Liverpool have won a thing ⚽

fucking hell. love this



I feel honoured to be part of that, excellent work


It’s no WORLD CUP or even Copa America, but the League of Ireland continues throughout the summer if y’all need a small fix on Friday nights.

Great article here about how my club, Sligo Rovers, needs to do a mountain of local fundraising because of the league’s paltry prize money.

Here’s a goal from this evening’s Dublin Derby:

just had a chat with papa k over the next chelsea manager

his pick - rafa fucking benitez. jfc.

In fairness they must be running out of managers they haven’t tried yet by now.

Joking aside, who do you think they will go for out of interest?

Lampard, stupidly.

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for the record, was never a Sarri fan. feel like he properly bumbled his way to third and the europa, and some of his lineups and tactical decisions were mind boggling. never seemed at all interested in making even small adjustments to the gameplan to suit playing against different teams, subs were constantly predictable and ineffective - only really turned it around towards the end of the season, but I suspect that it would have been a disastrous season had united, spurs and arsenal not collectively shit the bed.

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also imagine fucking Kante off to a different position because he didn’t fit his FM saved tactics.



Yeah, and he’ll probably be sacked in 6 months, sadly for him.

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this was the period where the couch managers on here were bigging him up as the next guardiola and jorginho as a better sergi busquets though.

You used the Email reply function which, unhelpfully, included the entire original notification email in your message

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Can’t believe you fell for the master of anti-bants (again)

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Thanks theo

He has managed there before

Yeah, that’s kind of what I was trying to get at. Back to the jokes workshop with that one I think.

United aren’t a top 4 side so Rashford will be fine.