Football in October: the international break has sapped all creativity

First touch of a kerb


Due to having to play with Leeds players?

Saudi money being used well


Get Laurent Robert in for set pieces

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They’re the only people that could afford enough syrup


The lack of respect AFC Richmond are receiving in here after gaining promotion back to the Premier League is outrageous.

(Ted Lasso spoiler if it’s not obvious)

Big respect to Philippe Auclair on his stance and passion towards Saudi takeover of Newcastle Utd on today’s Football Weekly.




Jim White pulling a Keys & Gray.

Whoever this Lucien Farve is.

You still get people like Keown insisting Hughes would have been successful at City had he been given time, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Beggars belief exactly how much faith in the managerial abilities of some PFM ex players exists amongst pundits, in the face of overwhelming evidence of their glaring limitations.

Ex Dortmund manager, was supposed to be taking the Palace job but then changed his mind at the last minute and we got Vieira. If he was to get the job at Newcastle, his first game could actually be against Palace next week. If that happens, put money on a Newcastle win.

It’s a huge appointment for Newcastle this, they could still quite easily go down whoever they bring in as i don’t think they’ll be able to pick up players in the winter window


Bruce would’ve kept them up. Every year it’s the same. They look appalling and then somehow go on one or two warm streaks that are enough to get them to 40 or whatever points. Every year.

Obviously, there are better options out there. I’m not saying he’s any good, to be clear, and their ambitions have to change with all that filthy cash they’re now swimming in.

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Surely they’ll be able to pick some loans from Barcelona, Inter, Juve, Madrid etc if they cover significant wages. There won’t be many defensive options though.

Wait, where’s David Luiz at the moment?


Just signed for Flamengo

Wait until the summer or get someone in on a 6 month contract that will keep them up

Bringing in a manager with a specific unerring philosophy with a load of shit is dangerous

Actually think them getting relegated would be absolutely phenomenal. It’s always funny when it happens but having unlimited money and being in the championship would be hilarious


Newcastle are absolutely going to do a QPR and get a bunch of Premier League veterans who can;t be at all arsed and a lot of bewildered decent players coming from La Liga and Serie A and it just be a complete mismatch of players all round


Think people underestimate the intensity of the league. Bringing in a load of players from abroad in January and trying to get them to gel while playing in this league is going to be ridiculously hard.
Hardly any players come in and hit the ground running in there first season in the league any more.

Their season finishes in December :eyes: