⚽ Football in October: the toffees come unstuck

Been that way for a while. Tonk or be tonked.

Pulisic has the look of someone who would be in Proud Boys if he wasn’t a footballer.

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Funny video but you could compile one for any team really. I’ve always found it a bit mad the way defenders and goalies get crucified for mistakes but forwards can miss loads of chances and as long as they score the odd one it’s grand.

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Saw this sign in a shop in Wales. Couldn’t explain to my wife why I was laughing and taking a photo.


Sub-thread time- After finding out that both my West Ham-supporting Dad and mate’s Dad separately missed West Ham’s comeback on Sunday because they’d given up and stopped watching it, what’s the biggest goal/result you’ve missed from your team?

I left at half-time of the last game I attended before Covid because I was bored and cold and missed our winner in the second half, no regrets. Mate of mine arrived late and left early years ago to a game we won 2-1 - our goals were in the first and last minute so he basically saw us lose 1-0. I also went to play footy with some mates at half time of Instanbul figuring it was done, was before mobile internet so had no idea until I got home and it was extra time.


not ‘my team’ but

during the 2014 World Cup I got home from work in time to watch the big afternoon game expecting my tv to be wfh and willing to take the dog out for his daily walk while I settled in to the big afternoon game

not only was she not home but the dog had evidently been indoors all day and was desperate to go out for his big daily walk. An Irish setter needs exercise & stimulation.

It was a little before 2:30 when I got home and the match was due to kick off at 3:00. I figured I’d call the tv.
“I thought you were gonna be home to walk the dog?”
“I’m on my way, I’ll be home in half an hour.”

half an hour goes by, kick off is looming, dog is going mental. I call the tv again
“You nearly home?”
“No, I’ve not left yet, I just need to finish off this thing”
“What ?! That’s at least an hour before you’re home. You said you were on your way? The dog is going mental.”
“Take him for a walk then”
“But the match is about to kick off”
“Take him out for half an hour, you won’t miss much.”
“I wish you’d said that half an hour ago…”

So I figure I’d give the dog a quick 20 minute run.
Got his lead on, went out. Big poo first. Then ran down the hill, down to the water, along the water, up through the forest, up the hill and back home.

Ran in, turned the telly on, the game was 30 mins in and it was Brazil 0-5 Germany at that point



I went to band practice during the first half of this match. I’ve never regretted being a musician more in my life.

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The first and only time I used Now Tv was during the semi final against the Crisps last season. It kept freezing and stuttering and then resumed buffering to show Trezeguet and the team celebrating

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Don’t support them, but I too turned off Spurs/West Ham at 75 minutes.

One of the earliest games I remember at Layer Road was this, I’d just turned 8, was a minging Winter II day.

Wanted to leave when they went 3-1 up after an hour, my dad forced me to stay and witness the best game in Colchester’s history. Late LuaLua winner, missed Cureton penalty and Titus Bramble’s last game for the Us

Never left a live game early since

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Finally got in at the Emirates after being rather naive about timings cos I was working nearby and what’s six tube stops at 7pm? Fucking idiot. Got onto the concourse around 7 minutes in and heard cheering and assumed we were one-down. Nope. Just gone 2-0 up.

After a lot of wrangling the only day the fellas could all get together for a bike ride was Manchester derby day. I decided to suck it up because none of the others were much into the footie and I generally find the occasion very stressful anyway, I thought it’d do me good to get some fresh air instead.

We actually passed the Etihad on the canal where they were screening the match outside, so I ran up there and asked a steward what the score was. “1-0,” he said, so I guessed I wasn’t missing much.

Final score: 1-6.


Truly despise this pathetic competition

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All in all have watched about 60 hours worth of it over the last three years, only about 20 minutes of that has been worth my time

Should’ve held onto Martinez imo.

‘Rapid’ Vienna were bound to be good imho

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I guess now we know why they call them Rapid Vienna and not Slow-pid Vienna!


Bet Arsenal wish they were playing SLOW Vienna :joy:


Rapid is a describing word denoting quickness

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Congratulations on the new job at JOE @profk !