⚽ Football in October: the toffees come unstuck

One decision in the first half of a game with plenty of games left in the season doesn’t decide a season mate, and Trezeguet is playing better than Traore

Oh and Grealish didn’t actually contribute too much goals/assists wise post lockdown bar the last couple of games but that’s fine

Ragnar Klavans gone mate


terrible decision

Amount of sneer this lad’s started laying on since Leeds had one decent half against City and rescued a point. Need urbanwolves to take them down a peg or two tomorrow imho.

Sid Lowe was randomly at Riazor tonight

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Mad that Villa would be in the championship but for a technology failure.


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wish they’d stop trying to make this fixture a thing

Turned MOTD2 off after this pub game was described as a fierce local derby

Palace stop it being a thing each and every time, but does the media pay attention?


Soyuncu out for three months :grimacing: Fofana and Evans as our centre backs then, with their cover being 36 year old Wes Morgan and… Err… no one else.

Simply not doping hard enough these days

Can I interest you in a very handsome, ball-playing centre-half from Barnsley?



Wait why did kepa play this weekend

he refused to be dropped


Mendy was injured on international duty apparently

Edouard Breaky


how many league goals will Son score this season

  • 11-15
  • 16-20
  • 21-25
  • 26-30
  • 31+

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highest previously is 14 but he’s already on 7