⚽ Football in October: the toffees come unstuck

about the same.

the cynicism to do it now during record unemployment too.


Still can’t get over offering my brother a trip to Newcastle at Hillsborough before checking the prices and mugging myself off for £50 a ticket for a fucking championship game.

Will never spend worse money


Yeah, I mean no Bournemouth fans I know are like “god damn had it not been for Hawkeye we would have stayed up!” Impossible to say how that game would have played out, there were still plenty games to go.

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Spent £45 on Wednesday vs. Leeds a few years back. Fucking Hell I could have bought so many cans to get scuttered at the Audacious Art Experiment instead of ending up sober and listening to ska punk.

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MNF is really good isn’t it. Better analysis than you get anywhere else on tv, and some genuinely thoughtful, insightful interviews with the guests. Some great stuff with Hasselbaink on opportunities for black coaches here.

Can’t deny that logic


No, @anon67149139 and @Severed799, it’s not that one.

Got a lovely handwritten letter from that John Deehan somewhere. Probably still my fave Latics boss (that isn’t Spanish).

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What was his handwriting like? Hope he used nice 7s with a little fancy dash through them.

Finally catching up with the highlights from the weekend and had a very Malcolm observation.

Lanzini got booked for taking his shirt off when he scored the equaliser. Such a yellow card is given due to ‘inciting the crowd’, isn’t it? If there is no crowd present, surely that isn’t a thing.

I think what I’m saying is, the referee in question should be banned from football until crowds are let back in.


Not to go double-Malcolm but it’s actually for “unsporting behaviour” for some reason.


Isn’t it more to stop players revealing vests or shirts with messages/adverts underneath?

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Alright, Malcolms.


I’m pretty sure that when he took his shirt off, West Ham fans at home were dropping their tea in their laps and tripping over the dog.

Should’ve been booked for such a hilarious punchline if you ask me

Everyone seen what “The brand New Likeables” right back has done to his pregnant GF?


Absolutely refuse to believe ‘Max Kilman’ is a real person btw.

Sounds like a Bond villain. He’s even got Russian parents.

United will do PSG tonight.

My team, on the other hand, will lose resoundingly to whoever they’re playing and when.

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No my team will lose and your team will win