⚽ Football in October: the toffees come unstuck

Chelsea will concede at least three goals this evening.

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always wondered what it meant to ‘old man’ a team

where did this even come from?


Wait. That’s not 70’s Villa John Deehan is it?

Gonna be a bloodbath imo

Corrr. Didn’t realise there was UCL games on tonight. FotMob app put them below the Championship, MLS, and (single) Scottish Prem fixture so I’d stopped scrolling down at that point.


That Peruvian player called Osama vinLaden’s brother is actually ‘saddam hussein’ lol




It’s an old boxing term. Wily old veteran schooling a more talented youngster with guile, craft, and the odd punch to the bollocks


The Jeremy Corbyn Story

Got to be honest I would be happy for the big teams fucking off thought this since United went to Brazil for the Club World Cup. Chuck them on an Ireland in the middle of the Atlantic let them battle it out in an enclosed 18 team league for eternity.


Yeah, fuck em off.


quite funny that the overarching feeling from everyone else is essentially: piss off then, see ya.


To put the pressure on for project big idea or whatever it is


stupid and shit. surely most fans of Liverpool and United would feel aggrieved too?

like, when people say ‘hah, good riddance’ or w/e, think about the nice normal fans maybe, idk

United fans would have less far to travel.

I think you’re forgetting that it’s some suits floating the decision, and it’s one that the fans of the clubs will oppose wholeheartedly. If the fans couldn’t wait to duke it out in a European super league, I’d support you in saying piss off, but it’d just be a tragic blow for English football and the fans.


As long as FIFA don’t implement one of their shitty ‘No other TV games while our money-makers are playing’ rules then I’ll be delighted to see this finally happen. All the least interesting teams in football siphoned off to a single league I can ignore.

I am intrigued to see which way the Old Firm whinging will go, though… Will they decide they have a God-given right to join this league or to replace the Premiership teams??

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It says “top clubs” tho