⚽ Football in October: the toffees come unstuck

I have no idea what this is about

The sheer arrogance of a club who have won one league title* in 30 years thinking they should be in a European elite league.

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I’ve always believed Celtic might, very slightly be the only one of the 2 to get in a European Super League and them joining the English Pyramid will never happen (mainly due to them never having enough votes to be voted in).

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The short term lolz of this happening to Rangers would almost be worth it.


Would be a massive opportunity missed to have one and not the other. Either team without the other is basically worthless and not in the interest of their fans.


So daft the way that “Big club fans represent and endorse the actions of said club” is such a default reaction


While that would be very funny, never will though innit, they need each other, you’re getting both or neither cuz there’d be too much money at stake

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No one gonna mention this? :smiley:

Also while a European super-league/American franchise-type structure has been on the cards for ages in an even more dramatic way than losing the Old Firm in Scotland losing the top 6 in England would effectively kill the league


Is it just me or does that same story get published about once every 6 months and then come to nothing. Its just for the ad clicks right?


I personally would be very sad inside if both the Prem and Champos League got decimated by this horrible plan


Normally yes but, also normally it’s mentioned with that bloke who runs that International Champion Cup in the summer 1st time I’ve seen FIFA mentioned.

Inevitably the comically left behind Spurs would win the league and nobody wants that do they?

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Would be all for it tbh. United getting pumped every week without the odd flukey win over Newcastle to save face.

Nah Spurs get relegated obviously.

Chinny actual reckon


Glad somebody noticed :+1:



Would be very on-brand for Ireland to just wholeheartedly welcome such a faceless multinational corporation. 0.5% tax for all ESL players resident on the island. No shtoppin’ it


I’m not talking about the fans though. Would welcome and praise fan action in opposing it from the groups involved, but when those that are in charge of the biggest clubs are so arrogant and entitled it’s a natural response to think piss off.

And the two things are intertwined. Fans are part of the unsustainable mess we’re in now (which is why we’re inevitably headed in that direction) and certainly welcome the stratified, wildly unbalanced state of affairs that sees the “big six” that have entrenched their place at the top of the tree.

A Super League would be “a solution” into Bayern/Juve/PSG/Madrid/Barca sweeping up all the domestic silverware by default and seeing their seasons ultimately defined by a handful of European knockout games in the Spring. It would be a solution to watching a “what’s the fucking point” FA Cup final where City put six past Watford. A solution to dozens of utterly pointless games in a league where Liverpool/City hit 195points+ over a two year period. The big six’s fanbases might not welcome a breakaway league but they sure as hell are satisfied with what makes it inevitable, throwing tantrums over not spending £100m on Jadon Sancho and moaning about how awfully they’ve had it because it because they’ve had to endure the nightmare scenario of an 8th-place finish a couple of times in 30 years. Boo hoo, get fucked, piss off, see ya (not you @Antpocalypsenow, you’re a good egg).


Always revisit this story for the sheer madness of it. Prime coke-era Eamonn Dunphy stuff