⚽ Football in October: the toffees come unstuck

up the bloody toffees thats all i can say


God I’m glad I napped. A wonderful nap it was.

Not sure why Lampard put out such a negative team against a side looking for their first win in 5 at home.

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At least my boy Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (10/10, fave dude ever) was in the studio. That was the best thing about watching that.


Two poor managers with two decent groups of players

His two-month layoff came around quite quickly, eh.

Not drug-related, though.


If only someone wise saw this coming

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Up the Biscuitmen*!

  • that nickname is a lot more wholesome than I feared.
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both spurs and arsenal should really really finish top 4 this year, ahead of that lot.

liverpool still the team to catch, city will eventually go on a run at some point of 12 wins or whatever and be 2nd at worst.

the toffees are good but not all the way upped to the top yet. Leicester are dickheads.

Moyesy’s west ham the only real hurdle

Really want to be a Supermacs man of the match :pensive:


Evra is being a knob again

bit of positive news for them for once, especially after they lost daniel sturridge.


supermacs ‘5oz’ is genuinely a top tier burger and I wont have anything said against it.

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  • Thankfully the Sheffield United Liverpool game saved the day
  • Reader, it was a soul-crushingly dull 0-2

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get rid of him ffs.

they have about 12 channels and red buttons, just put him in the man u fans fanzone feed if he’s popular with them.

same goes for all the others, make a ‘no ex-players. Theyre either neutral or proper analysts’ option.

(didnt hear what he said).


not even a foul

not even in the area

fucking joke

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Love all this preferential treatment liverpool are getting from var


Drogba var. Jpg