Football in the bleak mid winter I: COVID returns

Klopp seems to think he has a right to know which spurs players are out because of covid

Weird man

As if it will make any difference

I know in Scotland that the requirement for checking Covid passports for events with large capacities is something like 1 in 50.

Someone may want to have a chat with him about privacy and data protection.

Same thing happened last time I went to Spurs. Stewards were just waving us through when they should have been checking our Covid passports. Couldn’t care less. Although, I suppose if you’re on minimum wage, why should you care?

You just can’t double the time of entry of 60k people and think it’ll be ok.


Just catching up on last night’s motd. First Liverpool goal is an absolute farce. One of the worst bits of refereeing I’ve ever seen.

Third is very satisfying

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Enjoyed Mike Dean’s decoy run.


lol my dad took a client to a meeting in Dorset with Ed Woodward earlier apparently and he introduced them both and had the following exchange:

‘hi this is profks dad, he’s a Chelsea fan’
Woodward: ‘hi, you support Chelsea do you?’
papak: ‘yeah, we’re doing better than you atm’
Woodward: ‘yeah they’re not a bad team’.


I asked to know in exact detail how the exchange went btw

Well was he wearing the mask or not?

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2 journalists enter only one will leave the Twitter

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Rare win for Mig here I think


Yeah think Ronay has struck upon an interesting point and then decided that the point is all that matters rather than everything surrounding footballers.

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Probably should have gone for the “and are paid millions to be fit enough to run around reliably” tap in

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he’s (I assume) referring to Bayern’s example of nameing, shaiming and fining non-vaxxed players

Italy at home will be behind closed doors. Can’t exactly say we didn’t deserve that one…

Oh well, we’ve also got a country we always behave with impeccable modernity towards on sporting occasions, and everyone’s favourite cuddly guys.

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