Football: It's the international break, and the transfer window has slammed shut


Some big matches for the home nations to start us off…

  • Portugal
  • Draw
  • Rep of Ireland

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  • Denmark
  • Draw
  • Scotland

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  • Finaland
  • Draw
  • Wales

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  • Lithuania
  • Draw
  • Norn Iron

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  • Hungary
  • Draw
  • England bore 0-1 win

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Not watching any international shite


Jeff Hendrick horror tackle on Ronaldo would be better than any win.




United fans crying about Saul, if there is any on here or you see any tell them from safebruv;

“He left athletico because he refused to play as a DM long term and wanted to play as a 10, he would not have come and played as a DM for united. Chelsea have said he can train and play further forward”


Shame there are no international matches until 2023 really

Oh wait there’s the AFCON to look forward to


I love World Cup qualifiers and I’m buzzing but I recognise that’s not a common opinion.

What’s happening outside of boring boring UEFA? Loads!

In Asia it’s final group stage time, and a slightly lop-sided draw means that in Group A, one of UAE, Iraq, Syria or Lebanon will make it to the next round (and then potentially the intercontinental playoff). Some fancied Vietnam to make an impact but they’ve got a tough group draw and their domestic season has been cancelled so probably not.

In Africa we’re down to the final… 40 teams. 10 groups of 4, with the winners advancing to 5 playoff matches, with the winners qualifying for WC2022. Cameroon and Ivory Coast have been drawn together so we’ll be saying goodbye to one of them at this stage.

In North America we’re into the final group stage (8 teams with 3 going through and 1 going to the intercontinental playoffs). You’d expect Mexico, USA and Costa Rica to do it but you never know, the US might hilariously fuck up again.

In South America it’s Brazil vs. Argentina on the 5th, but both are looking comfortable qualifiers already, with Brazil on a 100% record. The other two spots are up for grabs.

And finally down in Oceania, the fixtures are yet to be arranged due to Covid, but NZ will win whenever they’re played.



Finland - Wales?! Christ now I’m going to have to go change my pants


Any podcast listeners?

  • Guardian Football Weekly
  • Totally Football Show
  • Neither/Other/wtf

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Genuinely upset at this international break, bit fed up and the EPL was getting me through it.
Shouldn’t be allowed


Listened to the Guardian podcast when it was James Richardson, then tried both for a while after the split and now haven’t listened to either in a very long time. Keen to know if either is any good just now.

I jumped ship with James Richardson, and find Totally Football pretty fun now I’m used to the regulars. Helps that the correspondents/guests aren’t all male.

Given the Guardian one a cursory listen every now and then since and it feels boring in comparison.


Much prefer the international breaks, personally. Off to my first match since February 2020 next week.

That said, even I’m struggling to muster much enthusiasm for the friendly against Finland tonight. The squad’s pretty threadbare due to injuries and Covid related reasons so I anticipate that a Pukki Party is very likely to be on the cards.

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I’ve always used the diversity of guests/number of women on FW as fuel for my FW > TFS argument, which goes to show how not being a regular listener of one impacts your opinion of the other! Good that they’re both getting a wider range of panelists for sure.

There is a dedicated football podcast thread if people aren’t aware, as people used to get weirdly snarky about people discussing football podcasts in the football thread - Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread (I don’t really think it’s a problem to discuss them in here, especially during an international week!)

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Might be better for the next International break to have separate threads: one for those who actually want to talk about the matches and one for those who’re only interested in the Premier League/when their national side start doing well in a major tournament

Is this going to be a bit James Milner going to Liverpool as they were definitely going to play him in cental midfield though?

Well he’s not better than jorghino or kante holding.

Cover for havertz?

Can’t see him playing that much

Would gladly ban all international football. Load of shite. Get rid

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Three crucial games coming up:

  • Today away against Norway
  • Saturday at home against Montenegro
  • Tuesday at home against Turkey

Expected line-up for tonight (4-3-3):

Timber - De Vrij - Van Dijk - Blind
Klaassen - F. De Jong - Wijnaldum
Berghuis - Memphis - Gakpo

First game back for Van Dijk, he’ll be captain. De Ligt is suspended tonight after his Euro blooper. Dumfries will start on the bench, he hasn’t played much for Inter following his transfer from PSV.

Louis Van Gaal at the helm. What could possibly go wrong?