Football Kit: 2017/18 Edition



Prem, EFL, non-League, continental, whatever.



Yer man on the left is incredibly broad




New away shirt. Awful, obviously.


Is that kit made by Lotto?

You don’t see too many of them around these days, I like it.

Likewise Hummel.


New Liverpool away shirt:

(next season’s home kit was announced before the last game of the season)


bad, imo


I had that mid 90s shirt, always liked that.


New Oxford away kit:

Terrible photo but it’s a nice kit.


Seen worse
Although it will make them look like they have been glossing the skirting boards in the changing room


Looks like a poster for a night of boxing at the local leisure centre (especially the guy on the right)


New Celtic away:

I quite like it, don’t really think that green/light green hoops is an acceptable distance for an away top from a green/white hooped home top though. Still, nice collar.


Yeah. I quite liked the one from the season before, too:


Looks more like it would be more at home in the ‘19th hole’


Hahaha that sounds like about half of all Oxford games tbf

The home photo is weird also




Troy’s looked better


that’s last year’s Boro kit, isn’t it


Not much.