Football Manager Thread For People Who Have Never Played Football Manager



Can you give your character a wicked backstory?

Like Greg used to work for Lea & Perrins for 20 years until he got laid off despite being the hardest working goddamned bastard there. He saw the add for “Barnsley Football Manager” while he was signing on at the job centre but silently thought to himself “Don’t even bother Greg, you’re not qualified for that job, you couldn’t even hold down your job putting the lids on the lea & perrins bottles”.


Im not meant to be here but I bought football manager 97(?) from the market when I was little and was disappointed that you couldn’t kick the ball. Not touched the games since and won’t until they make some changes.


Do you get to customise what your football manager character looks like?



I’ve played it, but not since about 1984 on my Spectrum 48k.



I will also allow people who have not played the game in 20 years to post in this thread.


Same here. You could win the FA cup from the 4th division on beginner level.

The new football manager is very boring.


Signing Peter Withe who then went on to score 30 goals for the next 6 seasons is one of my life highlights.




Before he randomly dropped from skill level 5 to 1 over the summer? Used to hate that random element!


Ultimate Soccer Manager 98 is the king of football management games. Fact.


You Have Died of Dysentery

Press A to start again


On one of the very early football management games you’d get to the end of the season and your star striker would retire to run a country pub.


Kevin Keegan wants a wage increase of £50 a week or he will start hanging around with Little and Large. Accept increase? Y/N


you can - I made a frankly terrifying manager once using a picture of the Tiger Who Came To Tea. destroyed my laptop immediately to destroy the abomination.