Football matches

I was driving through Fulham at the weekend and there was football on - I’m not a football man ( I play occasionally I don’t watch) but is there that much disruption for every football match in the premiership and league below that? Loads of Police, middle aged men trying to look more dodgy than they are and rubbish strewn about?

Yeah pretty much


That’s not very good

Depends on the game. Fulham were playing west london rivals Brentford, which would have meant a higher police presence.

Most Crystal Palace games have a low police presence, but on Saturday we played our rivals Brighton which meant 100’s of police, police horses and police dogs. It did seem a bit over the top, but clubs should have to pay for police for outside the ground, which currently they do not.

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I just don’t understand it. It seems gratuitous to have all those resources wasted for one afternoon. Some of the men there must of been 50+ acting like a group of teenagers being naughty, I felt embarrassed for them. There must be a better way. I understand a bit of rivalry in the grounds but not outside

The clubs pay for the policing

Only in the ground and immediately adjacent to it.

Have often thought about this. The logistics and effort involved to arrange most football matches even those attended by only a thousand or so people must be huge, and loads of these matches happen multiples times a week throughout most of the year. And one football match is most of the time pretty inconsequential and anticlimactic, I like football but sometimes there is just too much football.

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Cricket lighters



Just at Fulham matches on account of the number of neutrals that turn up to see the Michael Jackson statue


On one hand, I do agree that a lot of police are needed and clubs seems to pay peanuts towards it.
On the other hand, FFC have been there since 1872 and it does irk me when people moan about it.

Got a mate who is probably the best footballer I’ve played with and to this day he fucking hates watching football. I wonder how many pros are the same :thinking:

Yep this irks me too. The same as moving next to a music venue and then complaining about the noise.

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Hockey Zippos

Rugby League Flint and Steel