Football Podcasts 2020+

New thread as the old one’s ancient.

Aswell as the big hitters - Football Weekly, Totally Football Show, Football Ramble, what are you listening to now?

A few i like…

Football Today - documentary-style short episodes, bit like a footballing version of The Guardian’s Today In Focus. Really good sound design. The Jon McKenzie episodes are really chilled-out and nice.

Stadio - Musa Okongo and Ryan Hunn, two Berlin-based English guys. Two-person format, not overly Prem biased. Lots of women’s football chat.

Going Up, Going Down - Athletic pod from the Not the Top 20 guys, probably the best pundits on the telly. Some really in-depth stuff about League 1 and League 2.

Elis James Feast of Football - BBC pod with the top boy. Again just nice and laidback. Cover Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Wrexham, Wales and Liverpool.

Ornstein and Chapman - Chappers is a great anchor, Ornstein genuinely pretty well-in journo so quite informative.



Had a go with the Jules n Andy show a couple of times when FR went fulltime. Inoffensive but very dull people.


I’ve fallen off of FW and TFS, wish they’d just go back to the good old days.

Ramble is a hate-listen most weeks, but I love how enthusiastic and excited they get about football.

Tifo Football does irregular but brilliant long form episodes, deep dives into certain clubs, lots of focus on tactics and geopolitics.

In terms of Fantasy football, I listen to the Fantasy Premier League Show hosted by James Richardson, which is fine, and Always Cheating, hosted by two Americans, which is excellent.

Then there’s the Leicester ones which I suppose will be a bit niche. 5000/1 the new Athletic one with Rob Tanner and Matt Elliott seems fine so far. The BBC Leicester ones with Apprentice reject and Alan Partridge impersonator Ian Stringer, Leicester legend Alan Birchenall and occasionally a shambolic Tom Meighan from Kasabian, can be a real rollercoaster.

Yeah, i can’t get into it. The celebrity five-a-side episodes on the Ramble are a bit shite as well, and the interviews a mixed bag.

Greatest Games is excellent, though. Really vivid recollections (for the most part) of games. The odd episode where Wilson talks about himself for twenty minutes, obviously, but the there’s stuff like these…

…and this is one of the best half-hours of radio i’ve heard…

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Listened a few times but can’t really understand why it exists

been a crap football fan in general this season but still listen to the monday Second Captain episodes as long as Ken’s there, and most episodes of TFS. know some people find him annoying but i’m still a big Duncan Alexander fan. On the Continent is pretty good but not listened in months, and only tune into Football Weekly occasionally these days

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He’s on my Smug List with Michael Cox, Carl Anka and Daniel Storey. Just can’t get into him.

I listen to ‘Football Weekly’ regularly. I started listening after Jimbo left so don’t miss him like some. I still like it, especially when they mix up the guests.

That Ellis James podcast sounds great, probably can’t listen to it here though. Will be keeping an eye on this thread for recommendations.

It’s on Spotify…or try this (maybe via a free VPN?) -

Latecomer to Quickly Kevin, so that’s basically all I listen to atm. It’s so much nicer because Spurs are shit ATM and I CBA to get irate at Jonathan Wilson talking shite as usual or boring talk about Mourinho etc

It’s nice to just listen to stuff that reminds you of why you fell in love with the game in the first place.

Dip in and out of TFS and FW, but have never liked ramble as they’re rarely funny and they drag out crap jokes for ages. I don’t mind some of the ramble meets though.

Yeah tifo get some interesting guests in every few weeks too, eg manager of Chagos last week

Yeah love quickly Kevin, even just the mention of a forgotten 90s footballers name can sometimes fill me with joy.

The ones where they review the steve bruce novels with Ivo Graham are the absolute best


I’ve not listened to those yet, I’m going through all the ex managers and pros ones. The Gary Neville and Bobby Gould ones are excellent. The Graham Taylor one was so interesting though and made me rewatch the impossible job again

Another vote for the Elis James Feast of Football one. Iwan Roberts and Danny Gabbidon, who are also on it are pretty insightful and while admittedly I’m interested in Welsh football, I think I’d still find it worth a listen even if I wasn’t.

I really enjoyed the Tony Dorigo one. Never really liked him as a pundit, but…

A bit off-topic, but if you like retro stuff dig out a BBC TV series called Match of the Seventies. Basically Dennis Waterman narrating on a season-by-season basis. You can put all the other decades in the bin for me. I’d gladly just reinvestigate 70s and 90s football on loop.


Gave up on TFS and the Football Ramble. Basically just FW and NTT20 now, they’re the least worst (actually NTT20 is genuinely really good I reckon)

Hmmm, not sure whether to admit this.or not but I’ve recently started listening to, and liking a lot, the Peter Crouch podcast.
Feel free to.strip me of my DiS membership

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I think Max Rushden does a really good job - used to not like it when he stood in, but now that the job is his it’s so much better. I find Jimbo quite a hard listen now for some reason.

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I listen to it. Think I’ve said it before on here Crouch comes across very well and the Mike Dean episode was excellent. The sports writer and other one are really poor. Sports Writer, fordyce seems like he is going through a midlife crisis and the other one is massively annoying.

The Mike Dean ep was brilliant…they should have more guests on it.