Football Podcasts 2020+

I like Ramble and Totally Football Show. At this point though I think it’s more out of habit than enjoyment.

Also enjoy the Crouch one. It’s kind of getting worse over time in that the laddish bits gets a bit much.

Duncan Alexander is easily the worst guest of all time. Smarmy, arrogant, boring as fuck. What made him such a cunt?

Fairly niche and a bit stupid, but did laugh a few times at Carlton Cole and Marlon Harewood’s podcast.

Just totally football and Peter Crouch now. The latter is close to getting shitcanned though as it’s started to insist on itself way too much.

Ian Holloway’s podcast is funny in its utter shitness

New Quickly Kevin series starts a week on Monday

First one is Steve Bull


I’ve binned them all off subscription for now, and just have a look to see if the Ramble lads have done their own “normal” show yet (as normal as it can be right now). Not sure it’s the right time in the world to be calling anyone out, but there’s at least one guest on each of the big hitters that I absolutely can’t stand. One’s the most smarmy tedious wet wipe, one just turns a chat about any historical game into 10-minutes of talking about themselves or a book they wrote, and there’s a pair of hosts who are very nice people but so insufferably dull on a show that I’ve no idea why it exists.

I’ll come back for Totally Football League if it ever all gets going again. I’ve stayed subbed to the Wigan podcast (Progress With Unity), as they’ll pop up eventually and it’s nice to hear them all chat away.

Crouch now off the list. Mike Dean episode was great, but it’s disappeared right up its own hole. In the bin.

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Listened to a couple Price Of Football podcasts. They’re ok and not too long.

Agree with the point above about Crouch.

This week its Elis James talking about Wales 3 Belgium 1. Beautiful