Football: Predictions Game (Week 01)

Week 01 Fixtures:

  1. Ipswich - Blackburn (Championship)
  2. Preston - QPR (Championship)
  3. West Brom - Bolton (Championship)
  4. Burton Albion - Rochdale (League One)
  5. Inter Milan - Lyon (International Champions Cup)
  6. Real Madrid - Juventus (International Champions Cup)
  7. AC Milan - Barcelona (International Champions Cup)
  8. Aberdeen - Rangers (Scottish Premiership)
  9. Chelsea - Man City (Community Shield)
  10. Leeds - Stoke (Championship)

Predict each score and assign a Wager of between 1-10, using each whole number only once. Get the score bang on, you win treble your wager. Get the result (home/away/draw) right but not the score, win 1xWager. You can’t lose points.

Bonus: Total number of goals scored in the above fixtures. 15 points for bang on, 5 points for +/-1.

Score at 90 minutes / full time applies for knockout matches. Full rules:

Deadline: 3 pm Saturday 4th August