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:soccer: :soccer: Football Predictions League - Week 18!

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A high-scoring week all round, and congratulations to @Nestor, @Dodecalicious and @Aggpass who all went 5/5 for the first time in their seasons. They join @29Mumsie as the only players to do it, though she has managed to do it twice.

Three treble-tops this week for @Brainfreeze, @Phattrien, and @Zorb, while goals by Kane and Lacazette gave @Nestor and @Boxtoboxelder a bonus 15 points each. Son’s strike gave 5 each to Brainfreeze and @Midnightpunk, while everyone else fluffed it.

Brainfreeze moves back into the top three after three weeks away with a tremendous 28 points from the wagers (record is 29), while @aboynamedgoo slips down to 8th - his lowest position all season. Top two remain unchanged, but big scores from the chasers reeled them in a little.

It’s tight at the bottom #thursday as @frenchtoast continues to slide down the table. He hasn’t gained a league position for eight weeks, while @coolerthantv and @boxtoboxelder swap places again with just one point separating them.

@Brainfreeze, @Nestor, @Zorb, @Aggpass, and @Phattrien all set PBs for wager points earned in a single gameweek. Congratulations to them.

Of the 90 matches we’ve predicted so far, @Brainfreeze leads the way with eleven bang-on scores, four clear of @gonad @anon19035908 @octobadger and @nestor who all have seven. @frenchtoast is the only player not to get a single correct score, the twat. The overall statistic is one every 18 predictions, or 5.6 per week.

I’ll post the weekend’s selected fixtures later in the week, it’s FA Cup Third Round weekend, and who knows what havoc 'Rona is going to cause. If it looks like games are tumbling, might select 10 and just score everyone’s best five or something dunno. Fingers crossed. Stay indoors.

We’ve worked out loads of stats here on the FPL Farm. Shout if you’d like to know something! Lots of love, Max and Gray and Mumsie xoxox

:mask: Week 17 Fixtures TBC

I’ll post the fixtures later in the week, just in case.

:trophy: Toffees Cup Semi-Finals:

@29Mumsie @Gonad @Brainfreeze @Nestor @Dodecalicious
@Ynot @Native12 @Aboynamedgoo @Roquentin @Phattrien
@Zorb @anon19035908 @Aggpass @wikihock @Octobadger
@Midnightpunk @Svenrokk @Frenchtoast @Boxtoboxelder @Coolerthantv


I picked Lacazette for my scorer last week too…

Yep, so you did! Sorry about that, even liked your PM and all.

:rotating_light: SHAMBLES DETECTED

+5 points @phattrien, but sadly -10 points @boxtoboxelder.
Bottom two swap places again, nothing else changes. Sorrrry!


Soz Boxtobox!

  • Push Max (@FPL) in the Pond
  • Make Him Do All The Di2 Updates
  • Get Pizza In Tonight But Not For Him
  • Force Him To Watch Newcastle-Leicester

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It’s FA Cup Third Round week. So, for this exciting experience YOU can choose your own fixtures.

There’s 32 ties, pick 5 of them. Pick your goalscorer from the fixtures you choose. If COVID strikes, choose a replacement fixture (I’ll try to @ you if I spot it). These are in kick-off order. Villa and Wolves games are Friday evening, through to Stockport on Monday night

Villa - Liverpool
Wolves - Palace

Boreham Wood - Millwall
Everton - Rotherham
Luton - Reading
Norwich - Coventry
Forest - Cardiff
Chorley - Derby
Blackburn - Doncaster
Blackpool - WBA
Bristol Rovers - Sheffield United
Burnley - MK Dons
Exeter - Sheffield Wednesday
Oldham - Bournemouth
QPR - Fulham
Stevenage - Swansea
Stoke - Leicester
Wycombe - Preston
Arsenal - Newcastle
Brentford - Middlesbrough
Huddersfield - Plymouth
Man United - Watford
Southampton - Shrewsbury

Barnsley - Tranmere
Bristol City - Portsmouth
Chelsea - Morecambe
Cheltenham - Mansfield
Crawley - Leeds
Man City - Birmingham
Marine - Tottenham
Newport - Brighton

Stockport - West Ham


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Chorley 2-1 Derby (2)
Oldham 0-2 Bournemouth (3)
Southampton 3-0 Shrewsbury (4)
Marine 0-4 Tottenham (5)
Newport 1-2 Brighton (1)
GOALS: Che Adams :angel:

1/20 :laughing:

All matches currently scheduled to go ahead. PICK YER OWN:

Wolves 2-1 Palace (1)

Stockport 1-2 West Ham (5)

Boreham Wood 0-3 Millwall (3)

Southampton 3-0 Shrewsbury (4)

Wycombe 0-2 Preston (2)

J Wallace


dw got him x


Couldn’t find your scorer on Fotmob so asked who he played for - then guessed and found him (:

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Crawley 0 - 3 Leeds (5)
Man City 2 - 0 Birmingham (4)
Marine 0 - 4 Tottenham (3)
Man United 1 - 0 Watford (2)
Southampton 2 - 1 Shrewsbury (1)

Scorer Ian Poveda


@frenchtoast has asked to change his scorer as Che Adams is probably out with concussion.

New scorer: The O’Walcott :ireland: :angel:



Chorley 2-1 Derby (2)
Oldham 0-2 Bournemouth (3)
Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle (4)
Marine 0-4 Tottenham (5)
Newport 1-2 Brighton (1)
GOALS: Lacazette

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Do I need to choose a different match? Soton v Shrewsbury is one of my 5 matches?

yeah just pick another one to replace it

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Everton 3-1 Rotherham (5)
Blackpool 1-0 WBA (1)
Exeter 0-2 Sheffield Wednesday (2)
Huddersfield 2-3 Plymouth (3)
Chelsea 7-1 Morecambe (4)

Luke Jephcott


My replacement match instead of Southampton V Shrewsbury will be…

Man City 3-1 Birmingham (4)



Luton 1 v 0 Reading (2)
Norwich 1 v 2 Coventry (3)
QPR 2 v 0 Fulham (1)
Brentford 2 v 3 Middlesbrough (4)
Man City 1 v 4 Birmingham City (5)