⚽ Football Predictions League - Week 18

Just making my life easier for tomorrow:

Stockport 1-2 West Ham (5) - brainfreeze
Stockport 1-1 West Ham (3) - boxtoboxelder
Stockport 1-4 West Ham (2) - wecehockeyhawer
Stockport 1-0 West Ham (1) - zorb

As it stands, @gonad has gone within 20 points of @29Mumsie.

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Did we get results for this round / confirmation of details for the next round?

I got both

exactly right so nothing else matters.

This was meant as a reply to @aboynamedgoo. Stupid fucking website.

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Oh yeah, we’ll get them up today. I think Max has picked some absolute bangers for Sunday’s games, was cackling in the car yesterday when I drove him to Tesco and he was scrolling through FotMob :sweat_smile:

De Klassieker?

That’s definitely one of them

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Tottenham v Fulham tonight. That’s one of the postponed matches from Week 16.

The other games are Everton v Man City (Week 16 - TBC) and Eastleigh v Hartlepool (Week 10 - 16 Feb.

Will sort out the points tomorrow morning. Probably all Spurs wins tbh.