⚽ Football Predictions League - Week 21

Of course my lowest two wagers are the ones that come in.

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Don’t think we’ve ever had a match where everyone scores points but no-one trebles. Good old Pep. Man DGAF. :laughing: Only FOUR of the 20 players didn’t put 5 points on it.

@anon19035908 and @29Mumsie 3/3. Two trebles for Funky so far (six in total).

No goalscorers yet. 0-0 in both the 5:30 kick-offs at half-time.

Top scorers so far this week:

:1st_place_medal: 14 @anon19035908
:2nd_place_medal: 11 @29Mumsie
:2nd_place_medal: 11 @Brainfreeze

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  • :partying_face: @anon19035908 has gone 5/5, only the 6th player to do so.

  • First treble hat-trick also goes to @anon19035908

  • @anon19035908 equals the highest wagers per week, with 29 (Mum, Week 09),.

  • For only the second time, it’s a complete blowout on goalscorers.

  • @frenchtoast remains only player not to hit a treble (110 fixtures)

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NINE is the magic Copa Libertadores number.

10 points for 9
5 points for 8 or 10
3 points for 7 or 11