⚽ Football Predictions League - Week 29

:soccer: Football Predictions League - Week 29

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:mega: After 28 weeks there’s finally been a change at the top of the table, as @29Mumsie goes draw-heavy with her predictions and is caught by @Gonad who’ll be dancing round the streets of Arsenal with his antibants coming good against his beloved Spurs. That’s the only change in the top six as the race for promotion to the AQOS Champions League hots up.

At the opposite end, despite missing half the gameweek, @Boxtoboxelder pulls himself off the foot of the table for the first time since Week 15, with @midnightpunk tasting 20th spot for the first time all season. A great haul for @Coolerthantv puts some distance between him and facing the drop into the Cycling Thread for 2021/22.

Elsewhere, midtable shuffles due to some AWOLs and late entries. We hope everyone is doing well, wherever they are, and that they know there’s always a place here amongst friends. Up the Toffees.

Back to a “normal” week this weekend - it’s the FA Cup Quarter-Finals, so be aware that cup matches scores are taken at the end of the second half (aka “90 minutes”), so draws can be predicted. Extra-time goals and goalscorers will not be taken into account for predictions or bonuses [taps sign].

Week 29 Fixtures:

  • Deadline: 12:15, Saturday 20/03
    :trophy: Bournemouth - Southampton
    :trophy: Everton - Manchester City
    Celtic - Rangers
    :trophy: Chelsea - Sheffield United
    :trophy: Leicester City - Manchester United

:rotating_light: :trophy: Cup Match Rules: Score at END OF SECOND HALF. Goalscorers in ET not counted.

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Bournemouth 1-1 Southampton [3]
Everton 0-2 Manchester City [2]
Celtic 1-1 Rangers [1]
Chelsea 4-0 Sheffield United [5]
Leicester City 0-2 Manchester United [4]
Goalscorer: Mason Mount

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Bournemouth 1-0 Southampton [3]
Everton 0-2 Manchester City [4]
Celtic 1-2 Rangers [1]
Chelsea 2-0 Sheffield United [5]
Leicester City 0-0 Manchester United [2]

The person who ran this competition has left the community. It’s open to anyone else to take up the spreadsheet mantle and fill the gap. If not, well… this week’s positions are the final positions. Congrats and commiserations.

Not got the time to put into this myself but I have enjoyed it a lot.

If you are still reading, many thanks twenty-nine, fpl, French toast, your brother as well?

I haven’t seen what’s gone down elsewhere but you put a load of effort in here and it really rescued some covid weekends where a 2-1 prediction coming in was literally the best thing about the whole weekend.

For the benefit of anyone affected by the actions outlined in the ssp thread detailing why this person was banned, would like to clarify that I was not aware of those incidents until now and I strongly condemn those behaviours.

I posted my gratitude because this competition was my only context for this user when I read they had left permanently; it looks ill-judged now, and I really don’t want people to think I’ve given tacit approval of either anti-semitism or bullying.


Bournemouth 1-2 Southampton [1]
Everton 0-2 Manchester City [2]
Celtic 2-2 Rangers [3]
Chelsea 4-0 Sheffield United [4]
Leicester City 1-0 Manchester United [5]

Scorer; Vardy

Bournemouth 1-2 Southampton (1)
Everton 1-2 Manchester City (2)
Celtic 0-2 Rangers (3)
Chelsea 3-0 Sheffield United (5)
Leicester City 1-3 Manchester United (4)

Bournemouth 1-2 Southampton [5]
Everton 1-2 Manchester City [4]
Celtic 2-1 Rangers [1]
Chelsea 2-1 Sheffield United [3]
Leicester City 1-2 Manchester United [2]

Are we not doing this anymore? Really enjoyed this.