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:soccer: :soccer: Football Predictions League - :christmas_tree: XMAS WEEK! :christmas_tree:

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While we’re too busy upping the toffees, we weren’t paying attention to the applecart and Sheffield United and Leicester went and upset it! Milan restore some normality, and across the board it was a pretty decent week. Hardly any bugger could be arsed to net though, despite loads of them going in, and it’s just @gonad @phattrien and @aboynamedgoo who pick up 15 points each.

@Gonad up to second now, quite the rise for the plucky young Spur: 8th to 2nd in four weeks. Am expecting some #great #instagram #content to celebrate. Treble-tops to @wikihock and @svenrokk for the Villa and Milan wins respectively.

@anon19035908 sadly blows it, despite five predictions that at midday on Saturday looked pretty decent shouts. Some big points being thrown round in the scrap to avoid relegation into the AQOS Championship.


For the Xmas fixtures (26-30th), there’s three things to note:

  1. DOUBLE WEEK: Two separate set of fixtures, wager them 5-1 in their blocks of five. Scored as normal. Enter both at the same time, deadline is 3pm on Saturday 26th December.

  2. GOALSCORER GAME: Pick ANY Premier League player. +5 pts per goal they score in the two EPL rounds from 26-30 December. Doesn’t have to be just in the games picked below, each EPL team plays twice. +10 one-off bonus if a unique pick. There’s NO penalty if they don’t score.

  3. SECRET SANTA: Each player will be randomly drawn a Premier League team. As a Xmas gift from @FPL, you’ll receive one point for every goal and point your team score/win over the Xmas fixtures. :gift:

:christmas_tree: XMAS DOUBLE-HEADER :christmas_tree:

  • Matchday One (26-27 December)
    Fulham - Southampton
    Arsenal - Chelsea
    Manchester City - Newcastle
    Leeds - Burnley
    Wolves - Tottenham

  • Matchday Two (28-30 December)
    Crystal Palace - Leicester
    Everton - Manchester City
    Brighton - Arsenal
    Tottenham - Fulham
    Newcastle - Liverpool

Predict both at the same time, and use 5-1 separately each day, and pick ANY goalscorer.

Week 16 will be on Saturday 2nd Jan. It’ll be the FOUR EPL fixtures plus Rangers v Celtic. If you want to enter that early if you’re not going to be around over Xmas, go right ahead. That’ll be a normal week. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scores-fixtures/2021-01-02

Sorry if I didn’t pick your team x

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@Aboynamedgoo @Ynot @Gonad @anon19035908 @Nestor
@wikihock @Zorb @Frenchtoast @Octobadger @Phattrien
@Aggpass @Boxtoboxelder @Midnightpunk @Svenrokk @Coolerthantv


Looking to put the pressure on and stay within reaches of the top after this busy Xmas period


Dunno if this helps:

Xmas One (26-27th) Xmas Two (28-30th) Week 16 (2nd Jan)
Fulham - Saints Palace - Leicester Rangers - Celtic
Arsenal - Chelsea Everton - Man City Spurs - Leeds
Man City - Newcastle Brighton - Arsenal Palace - Sheff Utd
Leeds - Burnley Spurs - Fulham Brighton - Wolves
Wolves - Spurs Newcastle - Liverpool West Brom - Arsenal

Eastleigh v Hartlepool (Week 10 abandoned) re-rescheduled for 16 February. Bo selecta!

Fulham 1-1 Southampton (3)
Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea (4)
Manchester City 2-0 Newcastle (5)
Leeds 2-0 Burnley (1)
Wolves 1-2 Tottenham (2)

Crystal Palace 2-1 Leicester (2)
Everton 2-2 Manchester City (1)
Brighton 2-0 Arsenal (3)
Tottenham 3-0 Fulham (5)
Newcastle 0-2 Liverpool (4)


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One goalscorer for all of it xxxx

Edited now thanks

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Cheers! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Finally out of the bottom two :partying_face:

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It’s lonely at the bottom.

Fulham 0-1 Southampton (2)
Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea (1)
Manchester City 2-0 Newcastle (5)
Leeds 2-1 Burnley (3)
Wolves 0-1 Tottenham (4)

Crystal Palace 1-2 Leicester (2)
Everton 1-3 Manchester City (1)
Brighton 0-1 Arsenal (3)
Tottenham 2-0 Fulham (5)
Newcastle 0-3 Liverpool (4)

Scorer: Salah


Are you excited for DOUBLE WEEK? I am! Keep meaning to make a graph showing league positions each week. Might get @FPL on it in exchange for an extra bottle of booze from Big Shop later.

Got this far, can’t remember what to do next XD

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Can’t get over how much damage I do to myself by continuing to guess goalscorers.

I’m genuinely shocked each time I type the wagers-only positions out. I’ll make a supporters shield-style prize for best wagers only so you may still get a pint of toffees!

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The swing potential has me more worried than excited

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Reckon 130 is a potential maximum. 45 x 2 for wagers, unique scorer bags three over Xmas, random team wins 3-0 twice.

Expecting to see average scores in the high-20s

Fulham 0-1 Southampton (3)
Arsenal 1-3 Chelsea (4)
Manchester City 5-0 Newcastle (5)
Leeds 4-0 Burnley (1)
Wolves 3-2 Tottenham (2)

Crystal Palace 1-0 Leicester (2)
Everton 2-2 Manchester City (1)
Brighton 3-0 Arsenal (3)
Tottenham 2-0 Fulham (5)
Newcastle 0-6 Liverpool (4)



Fulham 1-2 Southampton (4)
Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea (5)
Manchester City 2-1 Newcastle (3)
Leeds 2-1 Burnley (2)
Wolves 1-2 Tottenham (1)

Crystal Palace 1-2 Leicester (4)
Everton 1-2 Manchester City (2)
Brighton 1-2 Arsenal (1)
Tottenham 2-1 Fulham (3)
Newcastle 1-2 Liverpool (5)

Scorer: Bamford


I do admire your commitment to the 2-1

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A man got to have a code.

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