Football Predictions league.


I have set up a Prem League predictions competition. I don’t think one has been set up this year.

Join up using this link.

Join DiS Prem Predictor, my Premier League Predictor league on Superbru! (1) Download Superbru from the app store. (2) Find my league with this code: GAULROES Android: iOS: ‎Superbru on the App Store

Type IN if you’re IN.


what do you have to predict exactly? just scores each gameweek?

In. I seem to be in two leagues, one for DiS and another called Superb Lobsters, that happen to anyone else?

Yes. You randomly get entered into a public league too.

Yes. That is right.

Superb Lobsters would be a great band name


Finding the app a bit confusing to negotiate when looking to find out how the scoring works. Assume it will be similar to the one we did for the Euros, but anyone found the specific scoring system for this league?

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is there not a browser version? don’t really wanna fill out loads of scores on my phone

Not aware of one

Only three! Come on people.

Current leaderboard….