Football shirt thread

would have been even sillier than my eventual choice imho.



Noble displaying some proper old-fashioned British stoicism there.

Or maybe he’s just embarrassed.

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Looks like his head has been photo shopped in.

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The fuck is this shit

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Qwhite interesting which players were chosen for this photoshoot…

Noble is a given obviously

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This is deeply embarrassing.

On top of everything else, that shirt looks like shit.

Noble being made to go full kit wanker despite never winning a cap probably part way explains his expression there.


Actually don’t know who the other 3 are

Deccers, Cressy, and Jarrell Bowgen

Makes sense.

Apologies for not referring to Noble by his proper name of Nobblers.

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Motherwell’s is very nice

Not-for-profit health cash plan provider Paycare again sponsor the kit, while they continue to raise awareness of the importance of the anti-suicide message on the shirt’s sleeve through North Lanarkshire Suicide Prevention. Glen’s Vodka also feature once again on the back of the neck.

made me laugh for some reason


I thought Jarrod Bowen was Welsh as he played for Wales in a recent game of FM. Turns out he just grew up near the border and has Welsh family but is definitely “English through and through” according to an interview.

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Bristol City away warm up kit. Expecting great things for the actual game kits


Surprised more teams haven’t gone for the “gain an advantage as anyone looking at the player their marking has an immediate headache induced by the shirt” option in the past.

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Bit off topic perhaps but…

Anyone here ever had any custom kits made up for their local lads or ladies team?

Anyone got any recommendations of websites who do this kind of service? I’m only looking for jerseys & tracksuit tops, not full kits

It’s for a merch idea really

It’s a genius paintball shirt, nobody can prove that they’ve hit you

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a former team of mine had some really nice Joma kits made. idk how much they cost, but I can’t imagine it was anything ridic

Was it through Joma or a 3rd party website? Do you know?

What level of design are you talking about? If it’s use a template, pick some colours, add a badge, sponsor etc. then there are loads of places that do it, it’s relatively inexpensive and can give some recs (though if this is Sweden there’s probably better local options without the shipping costs). If it’s a proper design from scratch then I’ve never done it

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Ideally I’d like the 2nd option or at least the alternative of removing the kit manufacturer’s name from the first option. Swedish options for anything are never cheap, it’s always cheapest from Germany or Czech. Just wanted to look at a range of options & try some prototypes before ordering bulk

So yeah, a bunch of links would be great if you have ’em :+1:t3: