Football shirt thread

Used these for our Amsterdam kits. Template job with printing, sewn badge etc. and they were really decent quality, easy to deal with for quotes etc.


Sweet, thanks

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We always used decathlon.


Not used these but the designs did catch my eye

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These look really good, cheers

It’s simple but I really like the new Aberdeen top. They’ve faffed about with shit collars and fabric designs over the last few years, so this is great by comparison.

Some good keepers’ jersey designs too:


Are one of those retro England shirts acceptable for pub/ house vibe match watching?

  • Yes
  • No

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Really like that, though the sponsor looks way too high



The design of the cgi keeper himself is surprisingly lifelike

The monster behind the badge feels extraneous.

This weekend’s victory over Croatia has convinced me it’s coming home and inspired me to buy a retro shirt to support Our Brave Boys. The problem is the shirts of the tournaments I best remember (Euro 96, World Cup 98) are… hideous but I feel like a weird poser if I go further back. What do you reckon the best England shirt is?

1982 admiral one

I like this knock off if you wanna give your money to someone good


Any of the 1990 ones

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Yeah I reckon 90 and as @safebruv says 82 are the clear best designs, like you could wear them whenever without looking too much of a dick.

Probably the 1990 ones, but they’ve become completely ubiquitous. Especially the blue one - must have seen at least 5 just walking around on Sunday.

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I ended up getting the 1990 white one, it’s massive

This is what I’m talking about

get the Peter Saville Umbro shirt from 2010/2011

great jersey

the tracksuit top is beautiful

Here’s a Women’s one from the 2012 Euros.

#15 would have been … Jolean Lescott

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It’s a crisp look, you can’t deny