Football shirt thread

Noble looks like he actually remembers D-Day.


Absolute car crash of a shirt

How they continually mess up one of the best colour schemes in football is incredible.

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To be fair, you can feel some sympathy for the poor sod in the design team who has been given one of the worlds most iconic shirts and the inevitable vague instruction to so something “innovative”.



I think it’s clever that the sections mirror the badge. Doesn’t mean the final result looks nice, but it’s clever.

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Club America always seem to have fun shirts


I’m actually warming to it in combination with those jester shorts

I got this for five aside, it’s the training top from 2018.

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Looks like a gcse fashion project. If the short colours were flipped so they match the halves above maybe it would look better?

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This should have been a proper shirt. Better than anything they’ve had for a while

It arrived!

Complete with Segunda B iron on patch that I will definitely be adding



Good lord that is lovely.

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UNAM are also almost always bangers

bet it feels like being a Formula 1 car wearing one, though


Yeah iconic giant emblem/badge - love it.

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Tried to order one and shipping was insane to Ireland. Raging.

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What’s postage like between Ireland and the uk? Could get you one and give it to my parents to post when they return for hols next time or next time I’m in the uk?

Ah man, that’d be fucking unreal. Let me check it out and get back to you. UK - Ireland shipping would be pretty cheap but I’ll look into it.

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Yeah man. You’d have to wait till Septemberish mind, but it’d be no bother

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