Football shirt thread

FYI shipping that kinda size/weight to Ireland would be about £5/6 first class, maybe cheaper #postofficenerd


i love the UNAM shirts but its worth finding an unbranded ones. so many of the classics have coca-cola and oil sponsors on and it’s a bit bleh

which ones are unbranded?

I would like an older one, defs. would be cheaper too, I’d hope?

Just saw this - 13,14 & 16 excepted this has to be one of the worst runs of shirts I’ve seen

I guess this season’s is ok too, but I don’t like the yellow stripes

The 2021/22 one actually feels a bit more Barca imo. Swear their shirts were more blue when I was a kid

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A lot of the vintage 90s replica ones, so theyre not cheap unforts:

this one only has minimal branding and thats fairly cheap as they go. not plastered in sponsors in any case.

this one is lush and again only partial branding

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The Blue is way too light on the new strip which is the main problem. I don’t mind 18’s either really.

oh my

I will say that I’ve been spoiled by modern shirt tech and would probably not fancy wearing an older one, fabric-wise

they look nice, tho

The shorts are even worse.

Palace have released a cycling top for Geoff Thomas’ charity work.

I wish we could just give them our actual kit sponsorship for a year rather than our betting sponsor.

Wouldn’t mind a kit that looked a bit like it either.


Badge looks great in white like that


Yeah a variation on that as a kit would be lovely. Maybe it looks nice as it’s not plastered with a betting company.

Corinthians another one who seem to consistently have cool shirts


this is pretty nice from Bury too - would make a good villa away.

Look at this guy absolutely loving the tunes whilst supporting Fortaleza


Brazil has got a lot of decent club shirts you know.

Here’s América Mineiro

Looks more like a Coventry kit.

I’ve got this FC Avai kit.



Love it when they do something a bit mad, but it really works

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