Football shirt thread

That’s so cruel. That goddam template is ruining everything

I would have to remark that these are very much not the same.


I don’t like the collar on the away or the shoulders on the home.

Remember Claudio Pizarro?

Well he’s back, in reversible shirt form!

Werder Bremen with a one off special for a Chelsea legend in his testimonial. And look how pleased he is.


That’s class tbf


Always had a soft spot for Werder Bremen, don’t know why.

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Fans generally seem a good bunch, pals with St. Pauli thanks to their mutual hatred of HSV etc

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Fairly standard, but not a lot wrong with these from Wales. Like the collar on the away


Oooh yes, love the away.

Ooooof I might get my son one of those. Nice that they used the two best welsh boys to model them

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Quite a bit of shirt chat on Football Cliches which basically summed up this thread in 3 minutes.

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I tried on one of the Newcastle home shirts in the club shop today.

They fit quite small (although I’m a Large Large and should probably just accept I’m actually an XL).

The sponsor logos look like stickers and for that reason I did not purchase. I reckon they’d be peeling off after two or three washes.

Nearly bought a training top until Wor Lass pointed out they look like Deliveroo jackets.


Corinthians 3rd has leaked and is pretty nice. Shame it’ll probably get absolutely wrecked by sponsors like a lot of Brazilian club shirts. (well, actually pretty much all shirts :joy:)


Surprised nike allowed those characters to interfere with their logo

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Not sure if belongs in the thread but had to buy one of these on my recent travels

Love a good commemorative t shirt



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Would love to know if those characters actually say anything meaningful or if they are just random decoration.

It says ‘This is Corinthians’ (I assume more than once)

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Lovely, refreshing pint of Betis Ale

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