Football shirt thread

better than the old one, but still awful. they should use the orange FAI one. iconic.

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Hoping to see them in June. Apparently they’re playing a friendly at Dunfermline for some bizarre reason?!

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Those sponsors look good too.

*no idea what they are though

Congstar are aa mobile phone network in Germany, given St Pauli are generally pretty mindful of who they work with (lol and Stoke City) afaik they’re sound

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Lots of good 90s badges needlessly scrapped. Looking at a few of them now, they’ve got a kind of forward angle thing in common. Leaning into the future, hopeful, optimistic. Things Can Only Get Better.


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can’t tell if I really like this or not… fan of the design and colours and the sponsors arent too egregious, really hate when they slap a coca-cola logo or an oil company logo over a nice shirt for example. but i do think its still way too busy with sponsors

  • i like it
  • nah

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Would be better if the design didn’t come down quite so far imo, stopping just above the sponsor (or just behind).

Would be much better without the sleeve sponsor too. Fun design though!

That Hibees one is absolutely a Pro Evo badge

Denmark bringing back 92. Looks great


Pre match is sick too


Whereas this from greece is the blandest thing imaginable

They’ve got some young players these days.


Looks AI generated - including the kids.


Hints of swastika in there.


Makes me think of Golden Dawn

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Ireland with a new one

This feels like it could have been executed better. Something about it just feels a bit off.

The ones oneills have made are miles better

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we had this one yet?


I’d been planning to treat myself for my birthday but £90 [videprinter: NINETY POUNDS!!!].

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