Football shirt thread

Puma have always been half-arsed with their designs. Remember the World Cup when every African team seemed to have a blank white shirt as one of their kits?

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You are not wrong…

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Norwich getting in on the one off 4th shirt action

Looks pretty bad.

It’s awful but it’s for a good cause, a portion of the shirt sales are going to the fans “ultras?” Club who have been doing great stuff in improving fan culture across the club and have a seat at the directors table… Basically every day we become more like a well run German club and I LOVE IT :heart_eyes:


Puma kits are really half-arsed and templated atm. The Oxford shirt this season is exactly the same as almost all puma clubs in L1/L2 except with different colours. Sucks.

I want one of these, omg




oh dear. the Boo Hoo Men is their new nickname, forever.

good lord

who do they think they are, FC Köln?

I like a weird kit, but… no

those two are better, tbf


Puma coming through with more terrible shirts

Don’t really get the idea behind ditching the crests - without them they just look like bad t-shirts

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Are they actual kits or training kits?

Apparently they’re actual kits - 3rds I think though

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I doubt that’s Dortmund third kit given the colours but still refuse to believe these aren’t training shirts

City have Marathonbet as the training kit sponsor at the moment, though I’m not sure when that finishes. Hopefully these are stadium tees. The Dortmund and Milan ones don’t really work as alternatives to their home kit.


Or Fenerbache, really

Though I’ve just looked up Milan’s current third kit and it’s even more red and black than that so who knows

New Chelsea is hideous. Looks like this is going to be a season of bad kits.