Football shirt thread

This is the only good one.

Shame it doesnt exist

Chelsea love the 90s so much that they’ve made a launch video featuring 80s icons instead

Also, why is the away kit blue?

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Its an americna thing i swear

A functionly useless away kit soley created for £££

I seen it in the MLS a few times and the home team is ends up wearing their away kit

And also LOL at the video

Dixon was at Chelsea until 1992 and its based on a kit from the 90s.

That kit is, though, a home one so … Yeah. Bit odd. Look forward to aqua 3rd kit.

Thought it was going to be a yellow and blue one for a sec.

“Limited edition anniversary shirt”, marking 120 years of Celtic in the hoops design.

Obviously cynical cash grab bullshit can fuck off but… well, it is beautiful

Means this season’s actual home kit design makes a lot more sense when you realise the design brief was “green and white hoops, but make it as different from this upcoming anniversary shirt as you can get away with”.


Oh man that’s lovely.

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I was here in the glory years - mid-90s
Electro-pop was kicking off.
The Rubik’s cube had just come out.
It was mental.

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When Adidas nail a top they just fully nail it. Would love them to do a Reading top to these specs.

oh yeah, more averages from the big list I made of the shirt scores.

Your highest scoring shirt design is chequered (from an incredible sample of 2), your favourite primary shirt colour is turquoise, secondary colour orange and you favour shirts from the greek leagues.

take a good hard look at yourselves.


lowest scoring combo?

why that’s a shirt made by Kelme with a quarters design, primary colour brown with turquoise highlights from a team that plays in Wales.

This is valuable research I’m sure you’ll agree,

Brighton “Europa League Shirt”

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I really like the two main colours here.

I think ‘mint imperial’ is one of my favourite pallettes.

Blue third kit for Chelsea, to go with the blue home and blue away


When did clubs coming up with a back story for kits become a thing? It’s tedious.


Looks suspiciously like the Brighton Europa League shirt.


a look fit for the modern era. strategically hiding the bit where a sponsor will go.

Also, on further inspection, this shirt is very clearly green. This is very confusing, clearly what happens when Boehly doesn’t have a transfer window to entertain him.

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Ah that famous shade of blue. Green.