Football shirt thread

beautiful shirt


Jfc spurs

Year after year of ugly, ugly football shirts


Meanwhile, inter really leaning into the snake thing

It’s not even ugly, but with potential for cult status down the line. The colour scheme is grim, what’s the pattern about?

Inspired by someone who’s used a spray can but not masked off properly

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I’ve really not liked any recent Aberdeen kits (a mix of extremely boring or minor details that annoy me) but I’ll be buying the home top if these leaks are true.

Nah that’s dreadful. The choice of colours are perplexing

I for one hope Brighton keep their classy number for another season

Yeah, it’s not great but it’s not Spurs though is it

There’s a ‘blackout’ version of the 1990 England kit now for some reason


The reasoning is good

Ooh I like that

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not new but barely seen them wearing it before tonight, barca’s pink kit is nice

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Leaked potential Liverpool away shirt

This doesn’t look a thing like the leaked home kit, especially the collar


Also, can we get rid of both Standard Chartered (fossil fuel investments) and expedia (selling holidays in illegally occupied settler towns in Palestine)

Looks like an old Man Utd away kit

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Why do nike’s Liverpool kits insist on referencing when they were shit?

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Bit boring, but I quite like it - reminds me of this season’s roma away.

Would very much enjoy a resurgence of actual collars.

That cannon badge is so much better