Football shirt thread

Unrepeatable, of course. Anyone who backed that at 150/1 at the bookies will be laughing

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That sleeve sponsor is a real blight on the Leeds kit

What is it that’s actually unrepeatable?

Spurs kit looks like a Rocket League decal

Would definitely get this if it was a cycling jersey

AFC Bedale

A transparent kit promoting testicular cancer. Laudable but simultaneously horrible to look at


I quite like this…

The time they put the pressure on

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Watford, innit - Of course they’ve got a made up kit manufacturer.

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Swear this was a Dortmund top a couple years ago

Bradford gone full claret & amber for the away shirt, what a twist

already bought the home one (first one i’ve got full price in about a decade) but want this now too


in another break with tradition, they’ve announced that they’ll be wearing their away kit for all home games, and vice versa


Real classic look to this one. Lovely pair of kits.

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Nice Bradford shirt, Shrewbs


like this.

remember in the old days when the smaller kit manufacturers used to make absolutely pony designs. sort of think that’s flipped the other way now.


quite liked the Pony era of Spurs shirts, tbh

Just had a look for their old one to show Emma.

(“So’s that guy…”)


Yeah this is true, feel like lots of the big brand kits are rehashing the mid 2000s. Also seeing more umbro kits again which is very 2000s

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Leeds being cuddly and likeable… I can’t compute, someone make it stop, hahaha


This is how to do a kit release - get three of your players to do an extremely Russian cover of what’s my age again by blink 182. It’s so obvious when you think about it.