Football shirt thread

I like this, although the yellow stripe will upset purists.

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Yeah I like it a lot

Big ‘3’ flame styled sponsor still looks dumb

Bring back coors you cowards

Really like this. Annoyed that I won’t be buying it because the owners are cunts.


Cargo shorts?
No, car go road


Bayern going black and gold.

Always looks good.


funny to see the same templates crop up in different places. here’s this year’s terrible wolves away effort in green + red for polish side Śląsk Wrocław. looks better than the blue/white/yellow combo.

I’m assuming taking an off the peg template allows clubs to keep a larger portion of shirt sales income?

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The new BMG has very snazzy shorts


Anyone else’s Instagram and FB ads a torrent of dubious quality vintage football shirt stores these days?


He’s a weird looking guy isn’t he, the old rapist?

Fairly standard juve shirt, ruined by that 4xe sponsor.

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That’s disappointing (the sponsor and “the old rapist”).

Jeep logo looks great on that shirt, a rarity in a world of betting companies.

Not sure about the green block around the badge though

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New Brighton shirt debuted at the Amex last night. Pretty unremarkable

Yeah, I really liked the pinstripe one with the collar. This feels like a downgrade.

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Good record in it so far though.


Japan 100 year anniversary shirt.

Very nice


I guess that’s the original one in the cabinet behind?

Looks like it has 3/4 sleeves like a baseball top


On 2nd look it seems like it might be a women’s shirt/minidress kind of thing

Still want a 3/4 sleeve Japanese vintage football shirt though

Genuinely thought this was Almiron at first glance

MLS now also jumping on this template