Football shirt thread

MLS get done so dirty by their addidas deal


New Everton away looks cool. Love a sash


Very River Plate away.

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good sash & colour combo ruined by a rubbish sponsor


Doesn’t feel very Everton but nice all the same

It’s a throw back to their very first kit apparently, before they went blue

Ah, fair enough!

Standard lyon, but very nice


The sponsor overlapping the stripe is a bit annoying.


Dortmund’s is ok I guess

atually prefer the weird tigery one from this season

It’s very warning tape.

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Was watching a listing on eBay of someone selling these for £25 (half rrp)

The account was new with 0 feedback so was waiting for a few reviews before taking the plunge… Checked today and the listing / account was kaput. Guess it was a scam.

Really not a fan of Nike kits. Sure, it’s a plain white shirt so there’s not a lot to work with, but the cut, texture, collar all seem wrong. Thought some of the under armour kits spurs had looked quite smart (I particularly liked the one with blue shoulders), but this is just… nothing.

That texture is horrible

I’m bored of Puma Dortmund kits

maybe I’m just bored of Dortmund kits, I’m not sure

feels extreme, though, so I’m saying I’m open to a different kit maker making them fresh again

Reeeeally leaning into the snake thing


looks like they’ve gone to a shirt printing shop and spent a fiver

are they sponsored by snakes?

snakes on a plain tshirt


Leicester have a new sponsor! And a cloudy effect print!

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