Football Thread: 07/11 - 18/11

Poppies, Scotland, Rooney. Fucking load of old shit



glad to see wilshere back, he deserves it.

Good to see Jose slagging off people and being angry, even if it is his own players.
Shaw has been doing my head in this season and now i’ve actually got a reason to hate him which is good.
Zlats celebration flying kick was higher than phil jones head which is some leap

Seems like the epitome of the young, modern bellend footballer doesn’t he. Shacked up with his mates in a party house, getting out of shape regularly and crying off injured, getting his brother to slag the manager off on Twitter. Fergie would have nipped it in the bud quickly (and behind closed doors), Mourinho has got a big job on to change the culture at the club but it’s so widespread now in football generally that I’m not even sure how possible it is.

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He just needs to publicly call them out and drop them, if they responds badly sell them.
Every single one of my United mates liked what Jose said yesterday and it’s been clear that some players genuinely don’t care. If Jose starts being himself again rather than being Manchester United manager Jose I think it’ll be a good thing.
Huge job in front of him though and big squad turnover again is probably gonna make us go backwards for a bit. Don’t think we’ve got much choice though, replace Jose and get who in exactly? The players have been taking the piss since Fergie left


Yup exactly. Reckon they’ve all known that they can get away with murder for a couple of seasons now as the managers have either been so blindingly obviously shit that they knew they wouldn’t last or were literally on the record as not going to be staying long. Hopefully Mourinho has enough job security that they’ll know it’s his way or they can fuck off.

Liverpool’s implosion this season is going to be fantastic, isn’t it? They’ll be playing great looking stuff even when they’re somehow conceding three goals in fifteen minutes. And the only thing more entertaining than a jubilant Klopp is a Klopp losing his fucking mind.

I really fucking hope so…

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Hoping this is the case, but every team is capable of losing to shite.
Gonna be a low points total to win it and the occasional bad slip up isn’t gonna be an issue.

End o’ Season:

  1. City
  2. Chelsea
  3. Arsenal
  4. Liverpool
  5. 'nited
  6. Spurs

I’ll shit down my chimney if it finishes any other way


Do you actually have a chimney? Is it operational or is it blocked up?

Especially if it comes after Slippy G returns as coach.

I just hope Marckee starts posting in here before the slippage begins.

I don’t have one, I can go back to my mum’s house and take a dump in the wood burning stove if you want?


Still hockey season at the moment

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That’ll do nicely, thanks

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Still is, yup.

I watched match of the day while doing my ironing yesterday though, so I did see the goals.

I really don’t get how Townsend is in the England Squad ahead of Zaha.

Zaha had been our best player by far this season and Townend hasn’t been all that.

Also can Alan Pardew do the decent thing and resign.

That’s a resounding no.